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Are the Dodgers Making a Big Expensive Mistake?

25 Aug

One of the biggest trades in MLB history happened Friday between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Red Sox are sending first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, pitcher Josh Beckett, infielder Nick Punto and outfield Carl Crawford in exchange for first baseman James Loney, pitcher Rubby De La Rosa, middle infielder Ivan De Jesus and left fielder Jerry Sands. The Sox also added on $12 million dollars to sweeten the deal.

So who is winning in this massive trade? The Sox are definitely winning. By trading all these players they freed up a quarter of a billion dollars in payroll. It also got rid of a lot of upset players who were not so happy with new manager Bobby Valentine. So instead of fight through it they decided just to trade them. The Sox couldn’t get in worse they are already in last place in AL East so why not make a change?

The Dodgers fate is still unclear. Right now the Dodgers(under new ownership including Magic Johnson) are three games away from first place behind the San Francisco Giants in the NL West. And there is nothing more than a winning team to make new owners happy. A winning team is exactly what the new Dodger owners need to make sure they make their money back in television deals. No one is going to pay big bucks to broadcast a team that sucks. So the Dodgers are hoping the veterans can help them not only play better but establish a new brand.











USA Still Golden

13 Aug

The Olympics have come to an end. And although I will not miss my daily does of water polo and Subways constant avocado promotions, I am sad to seem them go. The Olympics remind us of how truly amazing the human body is and what we can overcome to achieve. And what better way to pump up our egos than celebrating the fact that the US took home more gold medals than any other country. So let’s take a moment and enjoy our gold before we are forced to hand it over to China.

  1. United States, 104 (46 gold, 29 silver, 29 bronze)
  2. China, 87 (38, 27, 22)
  3. Russia, 82 (24, 25, 33)
  4. Great Britain, 65 (29, 17, 19)
  5. Germany, 44 (11, 19, 14)


Manning is Back: With Mixed Reviews

10 Aug

The Denver Broncos took on the Chicago Bears in a preseason game Thursday night. The Broncos won 31-3 over the Bears but with no help from new star 35-year old Peyton Manning. Manning has been off the field for 2 years and made his Broncos debut. And if you want to know how he did, it depends who you ask.

The facts are that Manning completed 4-of-7 passes for 44 yards and he left the field after his last pass was intercepted in the red-zone(the area between the 20-yard line and the goal line). Manning didn’t play the whole time so 44 yards is an okay number. It’s not amazing but it’s not terrible. It definitely wasn’t a performance that is going to cause anyone to draft him first in Fantasy Football. But it was raining and this is a new team for Manning so he is definitely going to improve over time.

For Manning it looked like he was just happy to be playing again.



Shocker: USA beats France in Basketball

29 Jul

For those of you up early enough to watch Team USA kick Tony Parker’s France’s ass in basketball, it was an okay game. USA won the game, 98-71. France was seen a more viable competitor because of Tony Parker’s presence but alas it wasn’t enough to move past the Dream Team Status Quo Team. In his first appearance at the Olympics Kevin Durant was the star. Durant scored 22 points and had 9 rebounds. Despite the star power it was a clumsy game with 14 turnovers and 26 fouls. Team USA has one big advantage- the best bench ever. When your bench players are Anthony Davis you know you are in a good place.

Durant was definitely more motivated since his loss with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals. LeBron James finished the game with 9 points, 8 assists, and 4 rebounds. Although James’ stats don’t sound amazing . . . he did only play for 24 minutes.

France was lucky to even have Parker who almost missed the game after the Chris Brown glass in the eye incident. To protect his eyes Parker was forced to sport some nerd chic goggles. Parker not only had to go through eye surgery but also was confined to a hotel room for a week so that probably affected his game.

The highlight of the game for some was the hug and pat on the back from First Lady Michelle Obama. The next game Team USA plays is against Tunisia(it’s in the northern part of Africa) on Tuesday.


My New Favorite Olympian- Destinee Hooker

28 Jul

I would like to start off by apologizing for spelling Destinee Hooker’s name wrong on Twitter. I mistakenly thought it was spelled Destiny as in Destiny’s Child. You can see where the confusion could happen. Although you may think that I like Hooker because of her wildly unique name(which if anyone knows the origin of-please write and share), it is actually because she is an amazing player.

Today Hooker helped lead team USA Volleyball past South Korea, 3-1. Hooker had 21 points and 19 spikes. Currently USA is ranked number 1 in volleyball. Team USA will take on Brazil on Monday. Brazil beat USA four years ago so it will be an interesting match.

We will be watching.



Could Kyrie Irving Take Kobe Bryant?

13 Jul

The best part of Team USA Basketball is seeing players who normally don’t interact outside of the court hanging out with each other. In this video Cleveland Cavaliers rookie savior Kyrie Irving challenges Los Angeles Laker mega giant Kobe Bryant to a one on one game for $50,000. Don’t worry the money will go to charity because neither one needs an extra 50 gs.

I think they should take the challenge one step further. Have Irving play Bryant while dressed as an old man like he did for the Pepsi video. Regardless hands down Bryant will win. I’m calling it now.



Sharapova Gone : (

2 Jul

Wimbledon is turning out a lot of upsets this year. First we save favorite and super hottie Rafael Nadal upset last week by Lukas Rosol. Now Maria Sharapova has fallen to 15th Ranked German, Sabine Lisicki. Sharapova lost 6-4, 6-3. It is sad to see her go because she was trying to become the first woman since Serena Williams in 2002 to win the French Open and Wimbledon in the same year.

Sharapova just won the French Open which completed her career Grand Slam. Serena Williams is still in it and has yet to play her 4th round. She will take on defending champion Petra Kvitova next.




Shane Battier’s Work Out Mix

21 Jun

For those of you who are constantly looking for good music to work out to look no further than Shane Battier’s pre-game playlist. The Miami Heat star uses pump himself up to play. And by the looks of it’s working. He has gone from, “He’s still plays basketball?” to “Where would the Heat be without him?” And of course we all know Battier is one of my favorite players because he is a former Dukie. This mix before even more popular if the Heat win the championship tonight.


Battier’s Playlist:

1. “All Along the Watchtower” – Jimi Hendrix

2. “Victory” – P. Diddy and the Family

3. “Interstate Love Song” – Stone Temple Pilots

4. “Seven Nation Army” – The White Stripes

5. “D.O.A.” – Jay Z

 6. “What More Can I Say? (Remix) – Danger Mouse

7. “In Bloom” – Nirvana

8. “When We Were Young” – The Killers

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Heat Adjust Beat Thunder, 100-96

15 Jun

I had a sneaking suspicion that the Miami Heat were going to figure out a way to come back. I just have an image of LeBron James crying after Game 1 against the Thunder about how he was never going to get a ring. The Heat started out Game 2 strong putting the Thunder in a 17-point hole. James managed to control Kevin Durant and score 32 points at the same time. Durant still managed to score 32 points for the Thunder but was not able to facilitate plays like he was in Game 1.

Dwayne Wade definitely step-up to the plate this game(I’m sure James was pushing him) and scored 24 points. Chris Bosh rejoined the Heat’s starting line-up and helped with 16 points and 15 rebounds. And my favorite Heat player, Shane Battier, did an amazing 17 points. This is Battier first Finals despite being in the NBA for a billion years. It is pretty clear without his outside shots the Heat would not have been able to win.

It clear moving forward that the key for the Thunder is going be not giving the ball to Russell Westbrook for 3’s. He was missing field shots left and right last night and giving the Heat a lot of rebound opportunities. Despite that Westbrook still managed to score 27 points. The extra push last night for the Thunder really came from the offense of James Harden with 21 points.

And the Thunder might just have won last night if it weren’t for the refs making a bad call. With 7.2 seconds on the clock Durant went in for running dunk only be held back by James. Durant missed the shot and worse he managed to give James two foul shots. It was clear to almost everyone that the foul should have been on James not Durant. James made his two free throws and sealed the win for the Heat.

This series is only going to get more interesting. Can’t wait for Game 3 on Sunday in Miami.


Kings Win Stanley Cup

12 Jun

The Los Angeles Kings made franchise history Monday night by winning their first ever Stanley Cup. After losing two straight game to the New Jersey Devils, the Kings came back with a 6-1 victory. This is the first time in 45 years of existing that the Kings have won the Stanley Cup. The Kings made it to the Playoffs twice before but never got a Stanley Cup.

Kings’ goalie Jonathan Quick was back in action last night with 17 saves. As expected Quick was award Playoff MVP. Dustin Brown had a goal and two assists. Jeff Carter and Trevor Lewis both had two goals for the Kings. It was such an amazing performance for the Kings, it makes you wonder what happened in the last two games?

I can also report that I went downtown in Los Angeles for the celebration, which last only till 10:30pm. There were more police than regular people, I guess they were expected a violent Laker win celebration. The lack of partying proves my point that LA is not a real hockey town. If you really loved the Kings you would be partying all night long and showing up for work the next day still drunk. That’s how they do it in Canada.