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Can’t We Just Be Happy for Him

9 Aug

Since I write about sports I read a lot of sports news. And recently there has been a big buzz over Michael Phelps’ new girlfriend. If you haven’t heard she is a model/actress/bartender from LA named Megan Rossee. They met at the nightclub where Rossee works in Hollywood- Blok. I live in LA but have never been to Blok but apparently it is trendy. The two have been together since January. But things have been heating up because she has been at the Olympics with him cheering him on.

All of this sounds pretty normal and nice. But of course the media is all over it. They are now starting rumors that she is gold digger and just wants Phelps for fame. Now I think if I were Phelps I would be incredibly offended by all of this. I mean we all know that Phelps is not the hottest swimmer(I mean have you seen Ryan Lochte) but that doesn’t mean women don’t find him attractive. Implying that Rossee just wants Phelps for his fame and money is like saying, “You are ugly dude.”

Not only that but I think we have all seen enough of Phelps’ mother, Debbie, to know that that woman could probably sniff a gold digger from miles away. And she would have none of that.

If Phelps wants to date models that is his right. He has earned it by becoming a huge celebrity. What is the point of making tons of money and being the face of swimming if you don’t get to date models? If I were Phelps I would be dating lots of models.

And lastly media don’t you know by giving this girl lots of attention you are doing exactly what you are accusing her of. You are giving her the spotlight because she is with Phelps. Which then feeds into this master plan you think she has. Oh the irony.




I’d Rather Go Naked . . . Than Wear That

20 Jul

Who cares that the US Olympic Team’s uniforms were made in China at least they don’t look like Spain’s outfits. When they first released the outfits I thought man that’s bad but hoping they might change. Oh no it just got worse. It is so bad that even the athletes are distancing themselves from the uniforms.

Spanish canoeist, Saul Craviotto, tweeted a picture of his outfit and told people, “I’ll leave it up to you.” Meanwhile field hockey player(yes apparently that is an Olympic sport and Spain has a team) tweeted a cheesy photo of himself in the outfit and put, “Spare the adjectives …

So what is Spain saying about the outfits- they were free. I mean I know Spain is having a tough economic time but really couldn’t you have put some money in to make your countrymen look respectable not like fast food workers?


Horrible styles in women’s tennis

30 May

I thought tennis was a classy sport? What has happened?

Oh it runs backwards!

OIRB was never meant to be a fashion critic blog. But watching the French Tennis Open this weekend, I just so happened to catch a glimpse of a certain Bethanie Mattek Sands’ match against something something Lisicki. And it was mesmerizing.

Bethanie is American, ranked 170 in the WTA. However, in our horrible tennis style ranking, she is an obvious number 1. Or is she? Here is our top 5 horrible tennis styles.

5. Serena Williams

The motorcycle / hells angels from outer-space  look, by Serena Williams. Good enough to make number 5.

I especially like the leather shin guards.

4. Maria Sharapova

The mermaid-look was a long shot, even for Maria.

Obviosuly, Nike recently hired the people who did Jenifer Lopez’s provocative Versace rainforest dress at the oscars back in 2000. 

The question left unanswered here is: how can you be so pretty and look so bad?

3. King Joffrey

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There Are No Fat People Here

27 May

If you have watch any of TNT’s NBA Playoff coverage then you have likely heard commentator/Space Jam star, Charles Barkley, insult the city of San Antonio. He has called the women of San Antonio “fat.” Barkley also called the River Walk in San Antonio a “dirty little creek.” He even went as far to comment on boat floating on the river and call it not really a boat. So you can imagine how much the city of San Antonio, Texas loves Barkley. Now San Antonio’s Mayor Castro is firing back. And I think he has some pretty good points. It’s all about the rings.

I’m not sure that I really believe San Antonio is one the fittest cities now. Another fun San Antonio fact is that they voted the nation’s heaviest drinkers. So if I were Barkley I wouldn’t make a bunch of drunk angry.