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A Little Less Chaos for the Redskins

28 Aug

The Washington Redskins have released popular tight-end Chris Cooley or Captain Chaos. Cooley has been with the Redskins since he was drafted back in 2004. He has a popular blog called “The Cooley Zone.” The two-time Pro Bowler will be remember for his big personality and wild hair. The Redskins released Cooley because of a serious knee injured that kept him sidelined for most of 2011. It has been reported that he doesn’t want to play for anybody else. But because of his personality he primed for television.




ESPN Body Issue, Celebrates Sports?

10 Jul

The 4th Annual ESPN Magazine body issue is coming out. According to ESPN it is a “celebration of the athletic form.” Umm yeah sure because we can’t celebrate that while they are wearing clothes. I mean it’s obviously pandering to all of us gawkers who want to see our favorite athletes naked. I’m not complaining just saying let’s call it what it is.

The cover of this issue goes to New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski. You may remember him as the guy who dancing after losing the Super Bowl while Tom Brady was home crying. He is also the same guy who was caught taking photos with a porn star back in 2011. So basically he is the anti-Tebow.

The other cover possibility was the New York Knicks’ Tyson Chandler. I’ll let you guys decide who you think should have gotten it. If you pick up the issue you can see 27 almost nude athletes. Which if anything will motivate you to go to the gym.