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Umm Thanks I’m Good

29 Aug

Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman received an interesting proposal while signing autographs at an L.A. Office Depot. A fan asked for her hand in marriage using a ring pop. The man even got on one knee. Raisman of course said no but did take the ring pop. She also gave the fan a picture.  Can’t blame the guy for trying. It will definitely make for a good story later.

If this happens to Raisman at age 18 I can only imagine what happens to Ryan Lochte. He’s of marrying age too.



NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Potential Relocation Could be Virginia Beach, Arena Deal Reportedly in the Works

23 Aug

I am totally shocked. What happened to the OC?

Hot Olympian of the Day: Daryl Homer

30 Jun

You may not think fencing is really cool but keep in mind there would be no light saber fights in “Star Wars” if it weren’t for the sport of fencing. When I think fencing I think snobbish rich people that was until I learned about hottie Daryl Homer. Originally from  St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Homer moved to the Bronx when he was a kid. He read about fencing and begged his mother to let him try it. The rest is history. Now Homer is the number 1 fencer in American and 12 in the World.

Things to love about Homer:

1. Homer is majoring in marketing at St. John’s University. Got to love a guy who can be an Olympic athlete and make time to go to the Olympics.

2. He loves to cook. I would let him cook for me any day.

3. Homer loves to shop. Something we definitely have in common. He also has good taste his favorite stores are Diesel, J. Crew and Ben Sherman.

4. His favorite music is Meek Mill, Kanye West, Big Sean, and Wale. It helps him get pumped before a match.

5. He is a mamma’s boy. Got to love a man who loves his mother.



No Beckham in the Olympics

28 Jun

David Beckham will not be playing soccer for the United States Great Britain in the London Olympics this summer. Beckham who is loved by the media was seen as a shoe in for the team. Just last month he was confirmed for Team GB’s 35-man preliminary squad. But Great Britain team manager Stuart Pearce didn’t see having Beckham as an asset to the team. Apparently Pearce watched Beckham with the LA Galaxy and was not impressed. Beckham is really bummed not to be playing for his home country. And even more bummed are women everywhere and ticket sales for the Olympics.

Pearce would rather have a winning team with a player like defender Micah Richards than a popular team.





Spurs get ‘Nasty’ on the Court

30 May


And by get nasty . . . I mean win. Tuesday night’s Game 2 between Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs was not what I expected. It was probably not what the Thunder expected either. The Thunder trailed for entire game. The closest the Thunder came was within 6 points. It was like after Game 1 the Spurs really looked at their plays and reworked them to match the Thunder. And the Thunder well they just seemed utterly lost at how to beat the Spurs.

The Spurs won their 20th straight game beating the Thunder, 120-111. I should note that the Thunder are the first team to make it to a 100 points against the Spurs. Kevin Durant put up 31 points for the Thunder. Russell Westbrook had 27 points and James Harden had 30 points. And despite all of that scoring the Thunder still lost. Whatever was working for the Thunder before certainly isn’t working now.

Tony Parker (who shockingly gets very little attention in the NBA) scored 34 points. Manu Ginobili kept up his break out Game 1 appearance and scored 20 points. The biggest thing you notice while watching the Spurs is there ability to share the ball. When you look at the scoring stats it’s not just a few key people making points. Continue reading

Goodbye LA Teams: Lakers Lose to Thunder

21 May

Okay I know going into this game the Los Angeles Lakers were facing the impossible. Only 8 playoff teams had come back after a 3-1 loss out of 208. Those are not good odds. Despite that I believed in the impossible only to be found miserably wrong. The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Lakers, 106-90. It was not even a nail bitter to the end.

Kobe Bryant did everything he could to bring his team to victory. He scored 42 points but it just wasn’t enough. The next highest scorer was Pau Gasol with 14 points and 16 rebounds. It’s now looking like Gasol maybe on the chopping block to be traded. Andrew Bynum is most likely staying with Lakers despite his poor performance tonight. Bynum made 10 points and had 4 rebounds. In his defense he did have foul trouble. The Lakers bench was pretty much non-existent and scored almost nothing.

Compared to the Thunder’s scoring the Lakers look just plain sad. A big three emerged for the Thunder together they scored 70 points. Russell Westbrook had 28 points, Kevin Durant had 25 points, James ‘the Beard’ Harden had  17 points. The Thunder really was a scoring machine tonight. They proved they really wanted it.

It was super awkward though that all of them talked about how much they looked up to Bryant. Am I the only one who thinks that beating your icon is kind of sad? It’s like finding out there is no Santa Clause.

Well now people finally get the match-up they wanted the Thunder verse the Spurs. It’s going to be intense and starts on Sunday.


The ABCs of Weird Olympic Athlete Names

1 May

We are fewer than 3 months away from the London 2012 Summer Olympics! I always enjoy strange athlete names, and the Olympics full of them. Sometimes, you have to wonder if these parents named their kids because they liked the name or with the intention of their child becoming an athlete.

Stokes Aitken – Skeleton – Stoked to meet you, Stokes

Peregrine Badger– Fencing – Straight out of the Hogwarts yearbook

Colin Cares – Cycling – Does he?

Buck Davidson – Equestrian – A Buck riding a horse

Jane Eyre – Fencing – Straight out of Jane Austen

Mardy Fish – Tennis – Love this cat, er, Fish

Elexis Gillette – Track and Field – Like the razor, he is so smooth

Destinee Hooker – Volleyball – Few names sound right with Hooker, but Destinee?

Race Imboden – Fencing – I’m beginning to think it’s a requirement for fencers to have weird names

Carmelita Jeter – Track and Field – Derek Jeter’s long-lost prima

Seth Kelsey – Fencing – Had to put this one in there since his last name is my first name

Kevin Love – Basketball – We have so much love for Mr. Love

Casey Jo Magee – Gymnastics – Sounds like a fake name, but it is still awesome

Continue reading

Anaheim Royals: Coming Soon

13 Apr

You may remember back in February when I posted that a deal had finally been made between the city of Sacramento and the Maloof family (owners of the Kings) to build a new arena. Last season the Maloofs had threatened talked about moving the Kings to Anaheim if a new stadium wasn’t built. Finally in February there seemed to be progress. Sacramento, despite having some serious money issues, had found a way to finance their part of the deal. When the agreement was talked about the Maloofs were going to put in $3.25 million in pre-development cost. They would also be responsible to cover $3.25 for the Anschutz Entertainment Group if the deal fell apart. The NBA has already agreed to advance them $200,000 to get the project off the ground and could possibly cover all $3.25 million just to keep things moving.

George Maloof said in an interview that since the Kings are tenants(although they would be the primary beneficiaries of a new stadium) they shouldn’t be responsible for covering pre-development cost and especially not for AEG part. But it seems more like the Maloofs might be dragging their feet in order to get a deal with Anaheim in place.  Continue reading