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Too Dirty For the Olympics

8 Aug

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If you are not careful at the Olympic photographers may catch you at an awkward moment. Here are my favorite photos displaying the kinkier side of the Olympics.




Hot Olympian of the Day: Giuseppe Lanzone

3 Jul

If we learned anything from “The Social Network” it’s that hot popular guys row crew . . . well at least in the ivy world. Today’s hot Olympian is no exception. Peruvian born, Giuseppe Lanzone, is hot and that definitely makes him popular. Lanzone is a member of the USA Rowing team. He was named the 2010 US Rowing Male Athlete of the Year.

Reasons to love Lanzone:

1. When he is not rowing Lanzone likes to surf. He also enjoys sailing.

2. Lanzone lived in Peru until he was 15 and is fluent in Espanol. Don’t pretend foreign languages don’t turn you on.

3. In the last Olympics he did modeling for Ralph Lauren. When he retires from rowing he should go into modeling.

4. He aced his citizenship test meaning he probably knows more about American than you.

5. His biggest influence is his family. Awww. That’s sweet.