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The Return of Clemens

27 Aug

And we thought we heard the last of Roger Clemens when he avoided being charge with perjury/doping this Spring. Now the 50-year old pitcher has returned to the mound. Saturday was the first day Clemens pitched for the minor league team the Sugar Land Skeeters(yes their mascot is actually a mosquito).

So how did Clemens do after being out of the game for 5 years? He looked pretty good for an old dude. Clemens threw 37 pitches, allowing one hit and topping out at 88 miles per hour. Although Clemens says he’s currently not interested in pitching in the majors again scouts from the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals attended the game.

Clemens is on the ballot this year for the Hall of Fame if he decided to return to the pros, that vote would be pushed back 5-years. I think 5-years is good buffer for people to forget about all the doping controversy, that is unless you dope again. And returning to the major leagues at 50 has steroid need written all over it.





Manning is Back: With Mixed Reviews

10 Aug

The Denver Broncos took on the Chicago Bears in a preseason game Thursday night. The Broncos won 31-3 over the Bears but with no help from new star 35-year old Peyton Manning. Manning has been off the field for 2 years and made his Broncos debut. And if you want to know how he did, it depends who you ask.

The facts are that Manning completed 4-of-7 passes for 44 yards and he left the field after his last pass was intercepted in the red-zone(the area between the 20-yard line and the goal line). Manning didn’t play the whole time so 44 yards is an okay number. It’s not amazing but it’s not terrible. It definitely wasn’t a performance that is going to cause anyone to draft him first in Fantasy Football. But it was raining and this is a new team for Manning so he is definitely going to improve over time.

For Manning it looked like he was just happy to be playing again.



Really Lakers, Really!?!

11 May

Just by virtue of residing in Los Angeles I have become a Lakers fan. Yes, I am one of those shallow people who holds onto the dream of being rich enough to sit court side next to Jack Nicholson. Regardless of my fair weather bias toward the Lakers they were supposed to be moving onto round 2 of the Playoffs last night. Instead they are moving on to Game 7 against the Denver Nuggets. This is the second loss in a row to the Nuggets. Andrew Bynum said before the 5th Game that he was expected it to be easy but man did he speak too soon. The Lakers lost 113-96 Thursday night.

Kobe Bryant scored 31 points despite being sick with a stomach virus. As you can imagine as he was working through the pain he was not happy that the rest of his team was coming up short. Apparently Pau Gasol was just not in the mood to play basketball because he scored 3 points and had only 3 rebounds. Then to make matters worse Andrew Bynum scored only 11 points. It was just a sad game to watch. And I can’t believe I am saying this but I can’t wait for Metta World Peace’s return in Game 7. Maybe his energy will push the Lakers to actually win.

If you are Denver Nuggets fan then you were pretty happy. Nugget’s point guard Ty Lawson (former UNC basketball player) scored 32 points and Corey Brewer scored 18 points. And I have to say they play like they want it more than the Lakers.  Energy and desire goes a long way at this point.

Game 7 will be at the Staple Center this Saturday at 10:30pm EST. The series is tied 3-3 so whoever wins this game will advance to round 2.




Stoudemire Returns to Knicks

13 Feb

The Knick’s forward Amare Stoudemire is returning to practice today after taking off a week because of the untimely death of his brother. He is expected to play in tomorrow nights game. Will Stoudemire’s return steal Lin’s spotlight?