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Are the Dodgers Making a Big Expensive Mistake?

25 Aug

One of the biggest trades in MLB history happened Friday between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Red Sox are sending first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, pitcher Josh Beckett, infielder Nick Punto and outfield Carl Crawford in exchange for first baseman James Loney, pitcher Rubby De La Rosa, middle infielder Ivan De Jesus and left fielder Jerry Sands. The Sox also added on $12 million dollars to sweeten the deal.

So who is winning in this massive trade? The Sox are definitely winning. By trading all these players they freed up a quarter of a billion dollars in payroll. It also got rid of a lot of upset players who were not so happy with new manager Bobby Valentine. So instead of fight through it they decided just to trade them. The Sox couldn’t get in worse they are already in last place in AL East so why not make a change?

The Dodgers fate is still unclear. Right now the Dodgers(under new ownership including Magic Johnson) are three games away from first place behind the San Francisco Giants in the NL West. And there is nothing more than a winning team to make new owners happy. A winning team is exactly what the new Dodger owners need to make sure they make their money back in television deals. No one is going to pay big bucks to broadcast a team that sucks. So the Dodgers are hoping the veterans can help them not only play better but establish a new brand.











Anaheim Royals: Coming Soon

13 Apr

You may remember back in February when I posted that a deal had finally been made between the city of Sacramento and the Maloof family (owners of the Kings) to build a new arena. Last season the Maloofs had threatened talked about moving the Kings to Anaheim if a new stadium wasn’t built. Finally in February there seemed to be progress. Sacramento, despite having some serious money issues, had found a way to finance their part of the deal. When the agreement was talked about the Maloofs were going to put in $3.25 million in pre-development cost. They would also be responsible to cover $3.25 for the Anschutz Entertainment Group if the deal fell apart. The NBA has already agreed to advance them $200,000 to get the project off the ground and could possibly cover all $3.25 million just to keep things moving.

George Maloof said in an interview that since the Kings are tenants(although they would be the primary beneficiaries of a new stadium) they shouldn’t be responsible for covering pre-development cost and especially not for AEG part. But it seems more like the Maloofs might be dragging their feet in order to get a deal with Anaheim in place.  Continue reading