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LeBon X: The Most Expensive Shoes

21 Aug

Nike is releasing a new LeBron James shoe, LeBron X, the newest from the most expensive shoe line ever. Already Nike had released the LeBron South Beach 9 which began retailing at $250. The LeBron X is expected to retail at $315 making the Southbeach shoe look more like a bargain. So what could possibly make a shoe worth over $300? Aside from the fact that LeBron wore them while winning Gold at the Olympics this summer, which let’s face it he probably could have done wearing Jordon’s from the 90’s.

The LeBron X is not just a shoe but a vertical leap tracker. Yes it is equipped with Nike+ motion sensors that can track your jumping. Aside from professional basketball players I can’t see why you would need this. It has all the same perks shoe construction perks of a normal LeBron 9 shoe. Oh yeah and the sole lights up so you can match little kids with their light-up sneakers. I have always wondered if adults could pull off light up shoes.

You better move quickly because Nike is only going to make 50,000 of these shoes. For those of you who are pinching pennies you can pick up a pair minus the vertical leap technology for $180.



Spoiler Alert: Don’t Worry He’s Still In It

9 Aug

The inspiring hotness of Oscar Pistorius is not done with the Olympics yet. It was a close call for the 4×400 South African relay team that almost didn’t make the cut. During the semifinal heat on Thursday morning the team’s second runner, Ofentse Mogawane, ran into Vince Mumo Kiilu of Kenya on the final turn. Mogawane than tumbled to the track. Mogawane dislocated his shoulder during the fall. Which confirms my fears about racers running so close together.

The refs ended up disqualifying the Kenyan team saying that Kiilu caused the fall by cutting off Mogawane. Even though Kiilu claimed he had been spiked by Mogawane. Usually teams that don’t finish the heat can’t qualify but after an appeal the South African team is being allowed to compete.

And we can all celebrate that we will once again get to see Pistorius run in the Olympics. I know what I’ll be doing Friday night now.



So Nike Makes Blades Now

6 Aug

Disabled runner Oscar Pistorius both inspired us and made us feel lazy at the same time. If a man missing the bottom half of his legs is competing at the Olympics than us regular folks have no excuse for not going to gym. Pistorius failed to qualify for the finals in the 400-meter race. Regardless of how Pistorius raced all eyes were on him. I guess Nike knew this and took advantage of the opportunity. If you looked closely at Pistorius on the block you could make out the Nike check on his blade. Let’s not get confused here Nike does not make Pistorius’ blades but they did make his spikes. So I guess that means they can claim the whole thing? To give credit where it is due the blades were made by a company Össur.

But we hope this doesn’t stop Nike from sponsoring Pistorius because let’s face it he’s not only inspiring but he’s really hot. Just check out this photo of him below.



They Call it a Nike Brow

16 Jul

Number 1 draft pick Anthony Davis is now endorsing Nike. What convenient timing Nike has. . . it’s not like Davis just took Blake Griffin’s place on Team USA. Davis has been known in the past to sport exclusive Nike shoes. I bet he is happy he is getting them for free now. This boy is business smart because he already trademarked his unibrow. Yes you can no longer say “Fear the Brow,” without ponying up some cash.

Not to mention he is already selling “Nike Swoosh Unibrow” prints. With all the money from his brow he is never going to shave it. Sorry ladies. Put down your tweezers.


No Olympics for Dwayne Wade

28 Jun

In the least shocking news of the day Dwayne Wade has decided not to play in the Olympics so that he can undergo knee surgery. We all saw this coming. I am not saying Wade was not playing through an injury in the playoffs but he is also the same guy who was bitching for not getting paid to play in the Olympics. It cost a lot to buy $500 glasses without frames. If you remember Wade didn’t seem to understand how sponsorship works. You know how they want you to represent their brand in an international venue.

Regardless I hope he has a speedy recovery.


South Beach Sneakers

23 May

Nike has released the new LeBron 9 PS Elite South Beach sneakers. I have to say I like them but I’m feeling like they are kind of metro. I mean I would wear them, does that say something? I guess the metro thing is cool because DJ Khaled was already spotted in them. You can get a pair for a mere $250 bucks on June 2.


Learning to Love Soccer/Football

23 May

I’m American so obviously I don’t follow soccer. For some reason American kids grow up playing soccer but it never seems to carry past high school. I think the real reason Americans don’t like soccer is that we don’t have a great soccer team. As Americans we like to be good at everything. Currently the United States Mens’ National Team(the one that plays in the World Cup) is ranked 29th by the FIFA World Ranking system. This puts us way behind countries like Russia and Mexico. We hate when Russia beats us at anything. Therefore we simply ignore soccer and pretend it is not a real sport. I think this is also why we stole the name football and made up an entirely new sport. With that said I am making an effort to understand and follow soccer.

I realize that coming up with Euro 2012 or the European Football(Soccer) Championship. It starts on June 8th. It includes 16 finalist that will compete. In an effort to dominate the foreign market even more Nike released this funny ad with Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli. In this ad he tries to differentiate himself from other soccer gods through his hair style.  If anything the hotness of Balotelli will make you want to start watching soccer. Who can resist a British accent?



Derrick Rose: If Only He’d Worn Nikes

29 Apr

Chicago Bull’s guard Derrick Rose tore his ACL in the last-minute of the game against the 76ers on Saturday. The Bulls won that game 103-91 but lost Rose. As of today MVP Rose will be out for the rest of the season. Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau(just try pronouncing it) is getting shit for playing Rose when the Bulls were leading by 12 with 1:20 left in the game. Rose was plagued by other injuries this season so playing without him is not a new thing for the Bulls. Without Rose the Bulls were 18-9. That means they still have a chance in the playoffs.

The poor Olympic team is definitely struggling losing Rose. Adidas was sponsoring Rose and man are they bummed about not having him in the Olympics. The only person that is celebrating is Nike senior designer, Jason Petrie, who apparently tweeted the injury wouldn’t have happened if he were wearing Nike shoes. Of course Nike has apologized for the designer’s comments. It is kind of funny that Adidas’ other athletes were Magic’s Dwight Howard and Clipper’s Chauncey Billups who are also out due to injury. Poor Adidas is already the small fish in the shoe pond next to Nike. Now Nike will dominate even more being the only shoe presence at the Olympics.






Lack of Olympic Motivation

13 Apr

I didn’t know this but athletes compete in the Olympics out of this thing called national pride. I originally thought that they all received huge sums of money, especially those girls in rhythmic gymnastics. It wasn’t until Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade pointed out the other day that he doesn’t make a dime for playing in the Olympics. Apparently, the Olympics makes cups buckets of money off jersey sales for basketball and Wade doesn’t see a dime. Not only that but it is demanding on this schedule taking up his whole summer.

Now part of me was starting to agree with Wade until I realized that he gets a lot of money from sponsors. His sponsors include Nike and Gatorade. Sponsors love the Olympics because it puts their products on the world stage. Just off his Nike deal Wade is going to make $7 million dollars this year. For that kind of money Nike definitely wants to see Wade at the Olympics. According to Forbes Nike gets 60% of its revenue outside of North America.

Some one must have explained this reality to Wade because his tune about pay for the Olympics changed on Wednesday. All of sudden he discovered his sponsorship contract national pride.

NFL Gets New Uniforms: Can You See the Difference?

4 Apr

I can’t resist a good fashion meets football story. On Tuesday Nike revealed in a fashion show players standing around on astroturf in a Brooklyn studio modeling the new looks. As expected there were no drastic changes. I mean really did you think they were going to reinvent the wheel here? Apparently there is super secret innovations in the outfits that none of us can see. The new uniforms are lighter and stretcher than ever before. One team of the 32 did make out with a new look the Seattle Seahawks, which is pretty swanky. I have to say I am digging the neon green, it is very in this season.