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A Little Less Chaos for the Redskins

28 Aug

The Washington Redskins have released popular tight-end Chris Cooley or Captain Chaos. Cooley has been with the Redskins since he was drafted back in 2004. He has a popular blog called “The Cooley Zone.” The two-time Pro Bowler will be remember for his big personality and wild hair. The Redskins released Cooley because of a serious knee injured that kept him sidelined for most of 2011. It has been reported that he doesn’t want to play for anybody else. But because of his personality he primed for television.




My First Fantasy Football Draft

27 Aug

You may have noticed I was missing in action yesterday. My absence was in part because of recovering from a night of drunk debauchery but also because I was preparing for my first ever Fantasy Football Draft. Like any good student I had waited till the last-minute to study. A guy friend, who has mastered fantasy gave me this advice:

1. Draft Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy first. I was pick number 4, McCoy went as number 2 in our draft. So  I failed at that one.

2. Make sure to get the San Francisco 49ers as your Defense Strategy. It took me about half-way through the draft to figure out how to pick at team for defense strategy so I failed at one and evened up with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3. Whatever you do don’t draft Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo. Okay this one I definitely didn’t do. I instead went with Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick.

My grade so far would definitely be an C.

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Preseason Death Match: Luck VS RGIII

25 Aug

If you missed all the insane hype the Washington Redskins took on the Indianapolis Colts today. It was the battle of the rookies quarterback between Colts’ Andrew Luck and Redskins’ Robert Griffin III(RGIII). There were t-shirts being sold ”QB Showdown.” It was basically the most exciting thing to happen in the preseason thus far. It ended with the Redskins winning, 30-17. So how did the boy wonder quarterbacks do? Both quarterbacks played into the third quarter. Luck completed 14 of 23 passes for 151 yards. He also threw a touchdown that was carried by rookie T.Y Hilton. Meanwhile Griffin completed 11 of 17 passes for 74 yards and had a touchdown. In terms of being sacked(tackled by a large man) Luck was sacked twice and Griffin managed to evade sacking entirely.

Both rookies performed well but since the Redskins won I guess that means Griffin wins this battle. Despite the fact that Luck had a better QB rating and more yards.  While everyone else was focusing on Luck and Griffin, another rookie was stealing the spotlight. Redskins’ running back Alfred Morris ran for 107 yards on 14 carries with a touchdown.

So it was a good game as good as you can expect from the preseason.






The Season of the Rookies

21 Aug

The Miami Dolphins wisely choose rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill to be their starter over veteran Matt Moore. That’s makes the fourth rookie quarterback to be starting this season. Tannehill joins Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck, Washington Redskins’ Robert Griffin III (aka. RGIII), and Cleveland Browns’ Brandon Weeden. Everybody expected stand out stars like Luck and Griffin  to win starting positions, Tannehill and Weeden had to prove they deserved it.

For Tannehill, who became a stand-out star in part because of his hot wife, this is a big step-up. Tannehill only started 19 games while playing at Texas A&M. Now he is expected to carry a whole team. If the Dolphins don’t fix their offense than Tannehill is going to have an even tougher time. It is debatable who has more work to do the Dolphins or the Browns. The Browns haven’t been in a playoff since 1999. Weeden is dealing with a really young team and has a lot of rebuilding to do.

The one rookie who seems to be living up to expectations is Luck. The Colts didn’t manage to win their preseason game against the Steelers but Luck managed to help them lose honorably, 26-24. Luck pulled the  Colts from a losing by 14 to winning by 3. Having played only two preseason games Lucks stats are look good having 25-for-49 passes for 363 yards.

So far Griffin hasn’t proven to be as amazing as Luck. Griffin was the number 2 draft pick and a media favorite. So far in the preseason he played one quarter in the first game making 4 of 6 passes for 70 yards which included the games only touchdown. Than against the Chicago Bears, Griffin played the entire first half. In that half he completed 5 of 8 passes for 49 yards.

The media will get a chance to compare Griffin and Luck directly when the Redskins take on the Colts, Saturday August 25th.





Ryan Tannehill or Matt Moore: Who Sucks Less?

20 Aug

If you caught any of the pre-season match-up between the Miami Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers you know that the Dolphins were struggling. The Dolphins lost the game 23-17. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, 8th overall draft pick, started the game off. Tannehill was 11 of 23 passes for 100 yards. He was also sacked(tackled before he could throw a pass) three times and had four passes deflected(the ball was caught by the other team). Compared to Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton who made 8 of 11 passes for 119 yards and had a touchdown, Tannehill didn’t look good.

But at least Tannehill looked better than veteran QB Matt Moore. Moore played against reserve players and completed only 5 of 15 passes for 57 yards. For the Dolphins it is really a question of who sucked less and the answer is Tannehill. The team is expected to announce within the week which QB will be their starter. The regular football season starts in three short weeks. And the Dolphins have a lot of work to do. They had no blocking from the offensive line which is really their primary job. The Dolphins had no running game which is probably because their offensive line is not blocking. So needless to say Tannehill is going to have a heavy burden if he is named QB.


Demps Running for a Reason

17 Aug

Track runner Jeff Demps will finally have a reason to run.  . . being chased by football players. The Olympic athlete helped Team USA take home silver in the 400-meter relay. Now rumor has it he will sign with the New England Patriots. There was a lot of interest in Demps who was previously undrafted while training for the Olympics. But instead of entering Tebowmania, Demps has opted to settle with the Patriots.

Demps is no stranger to football he a running back(the dude who takes the ball from the quarterback and runs with it) for the University of Florida for 12 games where he rushed for 569 yards and had 6 touchdowns. This is a really great addition to the Patriots’ line-up. Tim Tebow tried to get Demps, his former teammate, to consider the New York Jets but I guess he decided he would rather play for a better team. Now Demps will face Tebow on the field.

I always wondered why more Olympic athletes don’t put their skills to use in sports that actually make money. Usain Bolt is also rumored to be trying out for Manchester United but I don’t really see that going anywhere.




Update: Lozada Files for Divorce

14 Aug

Evelyn Lozada has filed for divorce from Chad Ochocinco Johnson after 41-days of marriage. I think Lozada has just grounds for filing for divorce seeing as how Johnson was cheating and then head-butted her after being confronted. Then after 911 was called and Johnson was arrested he claimed that Lozada head-butted him despite having no injures to back it up.

When asked for comment Johnson said, “‘I am going to let the legal process run its course. I wish Evelyn nothing but the best, I have no negative words to say about her, the only thing I can say is I love her very much.” I think I would believe that more if he had confessed to head-butting her and apologized. Johnson claims he is refocusing on training so he can continue his NFL career. Although I think it will be a long time before any NFL team wants to go anywhere near him.

With all this publicity I wonder if VH1 should reconsider shelving their reality show . . . it might have gotten them some huge ratings.


Tebow Saving One Team at a Time

14 Aug

If it wasn’t clear that Tim Tebow thinks he is the savoir of football from his stopping of selling Jets’ Jesus t-shirts than this photo really does clarify it. GQ is re-printing a controversial photo of Tebow posing like Jesus which was taken back in his Florida days. People are now calling it the “sexy Jesus” pose. Some Christians are not digging the photo and think Jesus should not be made into a sexual object. I think it is great to be Christian but the real conversation should be on football.

The real question to sports fans is will Tebow eventually push Jets’ starting quarterback Mark Sanchez out of the way. In the first preseason game both quarterbacks were pretty underwhelming. Sanchez completed 4 of his 6 passes with 21 yards. Tebow completed 4 of 8 passes with 27 yards but gained 34 yards running. The Jets lost the game to the Cincinnati Bengals 17-6. What Tebow has that Sanchez doesn’t is his ability to run the ball. And although the word is still that Sanchez is their man, many are speculating that they are designing plays around Tebow.

You can’t turn on Sports Center without hearing about the Jets’ secretly trying out the Wildcat offense with Tebow. Yes, it is baffling to me too how something can be a secret when everyone is talking about it. Wildcat formation has been around forever and the only reason people are talking about it is because Tebow is involved. And the reason they are talking about using Tebow rather than Sanchez is that the play involves more running than passing. Regardless of the Tebow factor the Jets are not looking like they are going to have a stellar season.


Manning is Back: With Mixed Reviews

10 Aug

The Denver Broncos took on the Chicago Bears in a preseason game Thursday night. The Broncos won 31-3 over the Bears but with no help from new star 35-year old Peyton Manning. Manning has been off the field for 2 years and made his Broncos debut. And if you want to know how he did, it depends who you ask.

The facts are that Manning completed 4-of-7 passes for 44 yards and he left the field after his last pass was intercepted in the red-zone(the area between the 20-yard line and the goal line). Manning didn’t play the whole time so 44 yards is an okay number. It’s not amazing but it’s not terrible. It definitely wasn’t a performance that is going to cause anyone to draft him first in Fantasy Football. But it was raining and this is a new team for Manning so he is definitely going to improve over time.

For Manning it looked like he was just happy to be playing again.



Finally!!!! Drew Brees Agrees to a Contract

13 Jul

I had an internal bet that Dwight Howard would get traded before Drew Brees would sign a contract with the New Orleans Saints. The QB has been debating his contract for what seems like forever. If you remember he was not happy with the Saints for not giving him a long-term commitment. Now Brees has agreed to a five-year contract for $100 million. Of that he is guaranteed $60 million.

For this season alone Brees will make $40 million. So if we have learned anything from this Brees debacle it’s that waiting does pay off. Brees has been sitting out of off-season practices while waiting for a good offer. And according to his Twitter Brees is one happy man, “Deal is Done! Love you, Who Dat Nation. See you soon!”

So congrats Brees. You are playing for the most corrupt team in league.