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US Open Day 2: Yawn

29 Aug

So there were no exciting upsets on Day 2 of the US Open. There was also not much excitement at all. Players defeated opponents quickly and efficiently. Defending champion Novak Djokovic killed his opponent Italian Paolo Lorenzi 6-1, 6-0, 6-1. The match lasted all of 73 minutes and was pretty much an ass whooping.

Then Serena Williams defeated fellow American Coco Vandeweghe 6-1, 6-1. At this point it kind of seems like Serena could win in her sleep. Her sister Venus Williams on the other hand has been struggling. Venus has been trying to push past her autoimmune disease but fell short in the past. Venus did manage to defeat fellow American Bethanie Mattek-Sands 6-3, 6-1.

So no close matches yet. Maybe there will be some excitement on Day 3 with Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray.



Tiger Woods is Good Again . . .Finally

4 Jun

We all knew that one day Tiger Woods was going to rise from his prison of cheating husbands back to golf legend. Today was step in the right direction. Woods took home his 73rd win at Memorial Woods. He’s now tied with Jack Nicklaus With 73 PGA Tour wins. But real story is the amazing shot that got him the win. Basically he birdie the ball in from an impossible place on the 16th whole. If you can stand watch more than a minute of golf the clip is below. You know it was amazing because golf fans actually cheered out loud.

Woods finished at 9-under 279 (that means the course is usually 279 par or strokes and he did in 9 less). This Woods 5th win at Memorial. This is his second win of the year and he is now ranked 4th in the world. On a related note to celebrate his agent got a little tipsy and drove himself into a DWI in NY.


Most Expense Piece of Sports Memorabilia

21 May

And the prize for the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever bought goes to the first jersey worn by Babe Ruth. It sold at auction for $4.4 million. The jersey is from the 1920’s. It just makes me think how the quality of clothes has really gone down hill. If you wanted to buy the whole outfit you would have needed $5 million. A Babe Ruth cap from the 1930’s sold for$537,278. That’s the most ever paid for a cap. It was previously owned by Yankee pitcher David Wells.

I often wonder if old baseball memorabilia is worth more because there were no steroids involved. I mean how much will Roger Clemens memorabilia be worth if they prove he was drugging? We already know what it means for Barry Bonds’ memorabilia.


So Hard to be a Red Sox Fan Right Now

22 Apr

The Red Sox have some of the most die-hard fans in all of sport, but Saturday’s game against the Yankees undoubtedly tested their devotion. The Yankees beat the Red Sox for the second straight game, coming back from a 9-run deficit to win 15-9. What makes it even more painful to the Red Sox is that the previous day, the Yankees spoiled Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary game, winning 6-2.

This got me thinking about different fans the types of teams they pull for. There are hometown fans, die-hard maniacs, bandwagon jumpers, underdog fans, trash-talkers, haters and flip-floppers.  I made a little list of popular teams with a lot of fans (and a lot of haters) vs. teams with fewer Ws but huge numbers of solid fans.

Winning Teams with Many Bandwagon Fans vs. Not-So-Lucky Teams with Devoted Fan Base
Yankees vs. Red Sox: Pretty much self-explanatory. Curse of the Bambino, anyone?
Lakers vs. Knicks: Like Kobe, you either love the Lakers or love to hate them.  While the Knicks have Spike Lee sitting on the sidelines, they have not won in the NBA Finals since 1973.
Patriots vs. Raiders:  Even though Tom Brady didn’t pull out the win for the Pats this year, he has made the team immensely popular. The Raiders haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1984, but their fans are known to wear scary silver and black skull face paint.
Kentucky vs. Ohio State: The unstoppable machine that was Kentucky basketball this year added another trophy to the school’s already cluttered case. The Ohio State Buckeyes, meanwhile, made it to the Final Four, but they have not gone all the way since 1960. They have some very vocal and passionate fans.  I know this speaking from experience when some OSU fans were just about drowning-out the entire student section when the Buckeyes lost in Chapel Hill in 2006.


Brees = Loyality

17 Apr

Drew Brees spent his Monday at the NFL Offices, which shockingly is not in a secret underground bunker as I had thought, but actually in New York. Brees was discussing, among other things, the bounty program. He was joined by former New Orleans linebacker Scott Fujita. As you may know the NFL and head Roger Goodell have yet to hand out any punishments to players involved in the scandal. So far the Saints have lost: $500,000, 2 second-round draft picks, their coach Sean Payton, their assistant coach/fill in coach Joe Vitt for seven games, and their reputation.

But if Brees conversation with Goodell is anything like what he says the media it was probably very unproductive. Brees loves Payton and was not happy to see him go for a season. And Brees also loves Vitt. Not only that but Brees still doesn’t have a long-term contract with the Saints, which he wanted from the beginning. So good luck getting a guy who is trying to secure his job to give you dirt on them. Also while attending this meeting Brees also missed opening day of the Saints offseason program. I think the Saints should give him that contract soon so he can get back to work.


Knicks Finally Win

15 Mar

Right after the exit of coach Mike D’Antoni the Knicks win against the Portland Trail Blazers, 129-79. It was like Carmelo Anthony was waiting for him to leave to start actually playing. Anthony had seven assist tying his season high. But let’s face it beating the Blazers is not that big of accomplishment. The Blazers are one of the worst teams in the NBA. If they had lost to them then I would say you have serious problems. Let’s see how the Knicks do against a real competitor before we judge the effect of D’Antoni leaving. One thing is clear everything is on Anthony’s shoulders now.

Knicks Done with Coach

14 Mar

After losing six straight games bringing an end to Linsanity the Knicks have fired coach Mike D’Antoni. D’Antoni and Carmelo Anthony could never really get on the same page, even though Anthony said he supported him very little 100%. Today Anthony swashed rumors that he wanted to leave the Knicks. Why bother leaving now that he has gotten rid of D’Antoni? I think everyone knows the problem with the Knicks is Carmelo. It doesn’t take a genius to see that without him they were on a winning streak and with him they are on a losing streak.

It is sad that D’Antoni is having to pay the price for Carmelo’s mistakes. If I were the Knicks I would trade Carmelo because soon they might be competing with another NY powerhouse the Brooklyn Nets.