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Are the Dodgers Making a Big Expensive Mistake?

25 Aug

One of the biggest trades in MLB history happened Friday between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Red Sox are sending first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, pitcher Josh Beckett, infielder Nick Punto and outfield Carl Crawford in exchange for first baseman James Loney, pitcher Rubby De La Rosa, middle infielder Ivan De Jesus and left fielder Jerry Sands. The Sox also added on $12 million dollars to sweeten the deal.

So who is winning in this massive trade? The Sox are definitely winning. By trading all these players they freed up a quarter of a billion dollars in payroll. It also got rid of a lot of upset players who were not so happy with new manager Bobby Valentine. So instead of fight through it they decided just to trade them. The Sox couldn’t get in worse they are already in last place in AL East so why not make a change?

The Dodgers fate is still unclear. Right now the Dodgers(under new ownership including Magic Johnson) are three games away from first place behind the San Francisco Giants in the NL West. And there is nothing more than a winning team to make new owners happy. A winning team is exactly what the new Dodger owners need to make sure they make their money back in television deals. No one is going to pay big bucks to broadcast a team that sucks. So the Dodgers are hoping the veterans can help them not only play better but establish a new brand.











It’s a Four-Way With Dwight Howard

9 Aug

Just as I was giving up hope that the Los Angeles Lakers would land Orlando Magic star Dwight Howard trade talks have resumed. Of course it is a complicated four-way trade involving: the Lakers, Magic, Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers. In this proposed deal the Lakers would get Howard and Nuggets’ forward Al Harrington. Than the 76ers would give up Andre Iguodala to the Nuggets. Then Andrew Bynum would go to the Magic 76ers. The Magic would get Laker Pau Gasol and Nugget Arron Affalo.

Now of course it seems weird that the Magic would take Gasol rather than Bynum. But Bynum would only stay with the Magic for one season so they would rather take Gasol as an asset for future trades. I would be  sad to see Gasol go but my happiness of dumping Bynum might heal the pain. Bynum has regularly said that he doesn’t care where he plays and his lack of loyalty to the Lakers makes it hard to like him.


Why Aren’t the Olympic Live?

6 Aug

I realize I have complained before about covering the Olympics. As a writer I want to be timely as fellow watcher I don’t want to spoil the results. So it pretty complicated for me internally. There has been a lot of debate during the London Olympics about NBC handling of the coverage. As you already know NBC delays the most popular events like gymnastics and swimming for prime time. It broadcast the events that no one cares about like water polo live.

Showing events in prime time works great for NBC because they can get more viewers and more commercials. The only problem is the invention of the internet. It it literally impossible not to know who won. I think the only strategy that would work would be to spend your day blindfold and plugged into your iPod. But for those of us who have to function we simply try to avoid news site or accidentally flipping to CNN on our way to the Food Network.

So why doesn’t NBC just air the events live and then re-air them later in the evening? The obvious answer is money. NBC wants to maximize it’s profits since it spent over a billion dollars securing the rights to the Olympics. If they air them during the day then people will find a way to upload the footage to the internet. Basically they will be losing money on their own footage. Therefore NBC holds off until the evening to prevent hacking.

A Gallop Poll recently showed that 59% of people would like NBC to air daytime events live and and then re-air them in prime time. We are stuck with NBC for the next 8 years as our Olympic provider so let’s hope they listen to the people.


Fastest Man Bolt Will Make $20 million

6 Aug

It is really tough being an Olympic athlete of sports that people only care about every four years. Whenever I see an athlete crying because they came in second or didn’t qualify, I think they just lost a lot of money. I mean don’t get me wrong I am sure part of their tears comes from pride but I think for the most part it is the pressure to earn big bucks. These athletes only get one chance every four years to earn your attention. And losing by fractions of a second can cost them millions.

Take for example the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt. He has secured his place in history along side Carl Lewis as an Olympian who has consecutively won the 100-meter race. Not only that but he has likely increased his annual earning to around $20 million. Bolt and his signature “lightning bolt” pose will be racking in the dough from sponsors like Puma and Visa. The Olympics are the kind of international exposure that smaller sports companies like Puma dream of. And with NBC(despite its lack of “live” coverage) pulling in top numbers from US audiences, Bolt can be assured to get the exposure he needs.

So basically Olympics competitions have become the ultimate in reality television with everyone vying for their time in the sun. I mean just looks at fellow Jamaican runner Yohan Blake who had previously beaten Bolt in trails. While the other athletes were claim and collected at the block, he was dancing. Why? Because Blake knows if you can’t beat Bolt you can at least still a little of his fame.




Ryan Lochte’s Parents Losing Home

4 Aug

This is such a super sad story. While Ryan Lochte has been the star of the Olympics his parents have been dealing with a foreclosure on their Florida home. CitiMortage is trying to recoup $25o,000 from Ryan’s parents. Ryan’s mother, Ileana, claims that she was getting divorced and had lost her job. Because she is an awesome mom she didn’t ask Ryan for help. Awww. Ryan’s parents have 5 children together and divorced back in 2011.

Ryan seems like a nice guy so I’m sure he’ll help her out. Also for anyone who is criticizing Ryan’s parents for supporting him in London- shame on you. You shouldn’t have to miss your son be an Olympic star because of foreclosure.



It’s A 3-Way With Dwight Howard

20 Jul

Nothing is official yet but Dwight Howard might end up with the Los Angeles Lakers. Howard had been reluctant to sign with the Lakers under the philosophy that he wants to ‘be Kobe Bryant not play with Kobe Bryant.’ But apparently Howard wised up to the fact that he could be making major dough if he moved to major market team. It was stipulated before that if Howard went to LA he would only play for one season. Although sources have reported that Howard is open to re-signing with the Lakers, Howard’s agent is refuting that claim. If Howard did move to LA he would be stupid not to extend with the Lakers just for endorsements alone.

In order to get Howard the Lakers would be sending Andrew Bynum to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Which is actually seems like a really good fit. Especially with their young star Kyrie Irving. The only problem is that the Cavaliers want a commitment from Bynum that he will sign a contract extension.

So far the Lakers have not allowed anyone team to directly communicate with Bynum. There is also the possibility that Bynum could end up with the Houston Rockets or Magic. As Bynum has said he doesn’t care where he plays, which to Lakers’ fans means pack your bags.


They Call it a Nike Brow

16 Jul

Number 1 draft pick Anthony Davis is now endorsing Nike. What convenient timing Nike has. . . it’s not like Davis just took Blake Griffin’s place on Team USA. Davis has been known in the past to sport exclusive Nike shoes. I bet he is happy he is getting them for free now. This boy is business smart because he already trademarked his unibrow. Yes you can no longer say “Fear the Brow,” without ponying up some cash.

Not to mention he is already selling “Nike Swoosh Unibrow” prints. With all the money from his brow he is never going to shave it. Sorry ladies. Put down your tweezers.


Extorting a Minister

28 Jun

You have to get to a pretty bad place in your life when you are willing to extort a minister. Yes you heard correctly Warrior’s coach Mark Jackson is also an ordained minister. He runs a church with his wife. Six years ago he had an affair with a stripper, Alexis Adams. I guess Adams wasn’t doing too good since retiring from stripping so she decided to blackmail Jackson using nude photographs she had of him. Again men if you are going to have an affair don’t take photos. Helping Adams was a guy named Marcus Shaw who approached Jackson at a hotel on April 3 asking for money to conceal the photos. Like any normal person would do he paid the guy. But Shaw and Adams got greedy and keep asking for more and more money.

They should have just taken the money and been happy because now they are looking at felony charges. I think people forget that extortion is illegal. Don’t worry Jackson became a minister after the affair so it’s all good. Because as we know Christianity cures all desires for strippers.


An Eye for $20 Million

22 Jun

We can’t forget the blow-out that happened a little over a week ago at the New York City night club W.i.P. You remember the one where apparently Chris Brown and Drake got in a fight over Rihanna. Originally it the story was that Brown had sent a bottle to Drake with notion of, ‘Hey I screwed Rihanna and so did you.’ Then a fight broke out. People have contradicted that story since then and said it just happened over some saucy language. Regardless the club was popping that including other VIPs like Mary J. Blige, Fabolous, Spurs’ Tony Parker, and Knicks’ Iman Shumpert.

The fight broke out at 4:00am and even though Shumpert escaped Parker was left behind. Parker suffered damage to his corona. Now Parker is suing the club for $20 million. Parker is recovering fine by the way so does he really deserve $20 million for the inconvenience? Not only that but how did previously injured Shumpert make it out unharmed while Parker ended up in the middle of the fight. If I were Parker I’d hire a new security detail.


Shocking! Pacquiao Won the Fight

21 Jun

In news of things that everyone already knew already the World Boxing Organization has reviewed the Manny Pacquiao/Timothy Bradley fight and decided that Pacquiao did actually win. The scores were: 117-111, 117-111, 118-110, 116-112 and 115-113. This comes as shock to no one since the Associated Press and anyone with eyes had already decided Pacquiao was the winner. I mean really Bradley left the  fight in a wheel chair while Pacquiao was walking fine. Despite the WBO decision they cannot erase the loss from the records. Which leads me to wonder, what was the point of reviewing the match?

Oh wait I know they want people to feel like their is still justice in the sport of boxing so that they don’t get so frustrated by the corruption and give up on the sport. I think it is a little to late for that. In other news that is really obvious Pacquiao is saying that he wants rematch in November despite the fact that the first fight was fixed. Of course Pacquiao wants to fight again, he going to make millions off the rematch.

I think the sad thing about boxing is their lack of ability to conceal the fact that it is all for the money. At least in NBA and NFL you feel like some of the players are playing for the love of the game. In boxing it feels like everyone just loves the money. I guess that why the two richest athletes in the world right now are boxers: Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao.