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Does This Work For You?

15 Aug

Olympic legend Michael Phelps is modeling in new ads for Louis Vuitton shot by famous photographer/the only photographer people know anymore Annie Leibovitz. I think there are a lot of things that Phelps is good at but I’m not sure modeling is one of them. What do you think?


Can’t We Just Be Happy for Him

9 Aug

Since I write about sports I read a lot of sports news. And recently there has been a big buzz over Michael Phelps’ new girlfriend. If you haven’t heard she is a model/actress/bartender from LA named Megan Rossee. They met at the nightclub where Rossee works in Hollywood- Blok. I live in LA but have never been to Blok but apparently it is trendy. The two have been together since January. But things have been heating up because she has been at the Olympics with him cheering him on.

All of this sounds pretty normal and nice. But of course the media is all over it. They are now starting rumors that she is gold digger and just wants Phelps for fame. Now I think if I were Phelps I would be incredibly offended by all of this. I mean we all know that Phelps is not the hottest swimmer(I mean have you seen Ryan Lochte) but that doesn’t mean women don’t find him attractive. Implying that Rossee just wants Phelps for his fame and money is like saying, “You are ugly dude.”

Not only that but I think we have all seen enough of Phelps’ mother, Debbie, to know that that woman could probably sniff a gold digger from miles away. And she would have none of that.

If Phelps wants to date models that is his right. He has earned it by becoming a huge celebrity. What is the point of making tons of money and being the face of swimming if you don’t get to date models? If I were Phelps I would be dating lots of models.

And lastly media don’t you know by giving this girl lots of attention you are doing exactly what you are accusing her of. You are giving her the spotlight because she is with Phelps. Which then feeds into this master plan you think she has. Oh the irony.



Olympian Most Likely to Hair Model

8 Aug

I thought the same thing about his hair. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Aspirations of OlyVil -- Two girls scheming their way into the Olympic Village

If there’s one thing that the Olympics are good at, it’s making someone you’ve never heard of and won’t hear about again for another four years if at all your new favorite person. And men’s high bar gold medal winner from the Netherlands, Epke Zonderland, has made all of my dreams come true.


While his routine was insanely difficult, I’m not sure that he didn’t get the gold medal based on hair alone. Much like Sam Mikulak’s gold medal in sportsmanship and attitude.



If you ever find yourself in Holland and pass by Epke, congratulate him on his medal, but most importantly, congratulate him on those locks.

Earning an honorable Canadian mention, Derek Drouin, bronze medalist in men’s high jump.

So close, yet so far.


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The Dolphins Hard Knocks

29 May

The HBO reality show “Hard Knocks” will feature the Miami Dolphins this year. The show follows players during training camp and gets an inside look at their upcoming season. If you are thinking, why the Dolphins? It is because no else wanted to do the show. The team they really wanted to follow was the New York Jets. I think they were hoping to get an inside look at Tebow verse Sanchez. They approached the Atlanta Falcons, who also declined. And since the Dolphins don’t have any controversy or really anything interesting happening they agreed to the show.

It must be getting off to a great start with both David Garrard and Reggie Bush missing the OTAs, Tuesday. Garrad apparently had house troubles due to a tropical storm and Bush just didn’t go. And before you start thinking that Kim Kardashian is going to pop up on the show, remember she is with Kanye West now. Kardashian previously had a relationship with Bush. But don’t worry I’m sure Ryan Tannehill’s wife, Lauren, will still be there to add some hotness to the show.



Ryan Tannehill’s Wife is Hot

27 Apr

In case you were thinking how attractive the Dolphin’s new quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, is stop because his wife is smoking hot. She is so hot that apparently the media was more taken with her than Mr. Tannehill. There were over 800 tweets about Lauren Tannehill after she appeared on television with her new hubby during last nights draft. She is an aspiring model so this will be a big boost for her. I guess Tannehill didn’t need the fame to get a hot chick. Personally I think they are an adorable couple, just like Barbie and Ken.