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No More Hawg Wild for Petrino

9 May

And you thought nothing else bad could happen to former Arkansas football coach Joe Petrino but his now famous hog(named “Hawg Wild”) is up for sale. This is the very same hog that he crashed while riding with mistress Jessica Dorrell. Apparently, there was $18,481 worth of damage to the bike. The insurance company is selling it through a site called Copart.com. The bike was painted red for Arkansas. I guess it had too many bad memories for Petrino to want to repair it. And personally if I were his wife I would want it gone. For a mere $3,500 you can own it, anyone interested?

PS: I saw in several places that Dorrell had used some of the $20,000 given to her by Petrino on her up coming wedding. There is nothing like your sugar daddy paying for you to marry another man.Wonder how that worked out for her?




$14,000 to Kill a Scandal

19 Apr

Bobby Petrino’s former mistress Jessica Dorrell has stepped down from her position with the University of Arkansas. She worked for about two weeks at the football team’s student-athlete development coordinator. Up until yesterday she had been on paid leave from that position. I want to say that first I was shocked that she didn’t get fired. I am not sure what employee contracts are like at the University but I am sure there must be something in their about not sleeping with your boss ethics.

Now Dorrell is getting $14,000 to basically not disgrace the University any further. I am sorry to say that I think that means she can’t pose for Playboy. Although if that is the case she just gave up a lot of money. I understand that the University would like to move on from this scandal but I think it is a little absurd to not fire her and then pay her. It’s not like University was the one sleeping with her. The good people of Arkansas’ tax money just went to hush up someone’s mistress. I’m sure there is a school somewhere in Arkansas that could used that money better.

Score Card:

University of Arkansas– Lost a coach, bad press, and down $14,000.

Dorrell- Got $20,000 for a car from Petrino, paid leave, and now $14,000. She has roughly made around $40,000 from this arrangement.

Petrino– Lost his job, reputation, family, and  $20,000.

I think we can see who is the clear winner here.


Petrino is Gone

11 Apr

Congrats to Arkansas for picking morals over football by firing coach Bobby Petrino. The last we heard they were conducting an investigation into Petrino’s “previous inappropriate” relationship with new hire Jessica Dorrell. Apparently it didn’t take very long for athletic director Jeff Long to discover that Petrino had hired his mistress and then lied about it. It turns out that Dorrell and Petrino had been seeing each other for awhile. They had to have been together for a long time for Petrino to give Dorrell a gift of $20,000. I wonder what excuse he gave to his wife for that one? Perhaps he said it was an engagement gift to Dorrell who was engaged to swim instructor Josh Morgan.

There is no official word on Dorrell and Morgan’s engagement but my suspicion is that it is over. I mean I think finding out your future wife is into not so attractive middle age men, has got to put a hamper on the relationship. Since it is pretty clear Petrino was already involved with Dorrell when he hired her, from a pool of 158 candidates, the school has cause to fire him. That means no money for Petrino. And man is he going to need money to pay future child support and alimony . . . unless his wife is very forgiving.

The real sad part of this story is that the Hogs were so close to a championship. The past two season the Hogs have had a 21-5 record. Let’s hope they can continue on without Petrino.