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Umm Thanks I’m Good

29 Aug

Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman received an interesting proposal while signing autographs at an L.A. Office Depot. A fan asked for her hand in marriage using a ring pop. The man even got on one knee. Raisman of course said no but did take the ring pop. She also gave the fan a picture.  Can’t blame the guy for trying. It will definitely make for a good story later.

If this happens to Raisman at age 18 I can only imagine what happens to Ryan Lochte. He’s of marrying age too.



Rafael Nadal Missing US Open

15 Aug

Tennis player Rafael Nadal will not be playing in the US Open due to an ongoing knee injury. The injury also caused Nadal to have to withdraw from the London Olympics. Nadal hasn’t played since the shocking loss in the second round of Wimbledon to Lukas Rosol on June 28. Knee problems have been a constant problem for Nadal who know for intense playing. He is considered a grinder, which basically means he plays intense defense on court.

The US Open begins on August 27th. Everyone will be watching as Wimbledon champion Roger Federer takes on Olympic Gold Medalist Andy Murray.


What’s With All the Groin Punching?

10 Aug

This Olympics in basketball may inspire future Olympians to invest in some serious groin armor. First it was Team USA’s Carmelo Anthony who was struck in the groin during a jump shot by Argentina’s Pablo Campazzo. More recently French player Nicolas Batum punched Spain’s Juan Carlos Navarro in the groin on Wednesday. The move was a calculated foul by France who wanted to regain control of the ball with only 23 seconds left in the game. There was also speculation that France thought Spain had lost a previous game just to avoid playing Team USA.

Despite the painful foul Spain beat France, 66-59. Then today Spain went on to beat Russia, 67-59. Now Spain, the defending silver medal winners, will go on to play Team USA on Sunday. Team USA will play Argentina today to secure their gold medal spot for Sunday. But I think we all know how that game will turn out.


The Greatest Athletes in the World

9 Aug

While Usain Bolt was prancing around proclaiming himself to be the best athlete in the world . . . Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee were busy getting medals for actually being the world’s greatest athletes. For the first time in 56 years the US has won gold and silver in the decathlon. Eaton took home the gold with 8,869 points. Hardee (one of the hottest Olympians) finished second with 8,671 points. The points are accumulated over 10 events over two days. The events include: 100 meters, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters, 110 meter hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and 1500 meters.
This is the first medal for 24-year old Eaton who got the Olympic record in the trials with a score of 9,039 points. Hardee was more than happy to get silver after fouling out in the pole vault in Beijing. It was a truly great accomplishment for both men.




Beware the Media Beast Might Bite You

9 Aug

We all know in today’s media centric world it is easy to go from everyone’s favorite to everyone’s least favorite. It is especially easy if you don’t live up to their expectations. Lolo Jones has been feeding the media beast ever since her sit down interview where she revealed she’s a 30-year old virgin. It didn’t take long for the media to follow her every move. But putting yourself in the spotlight has it pitfalls. Jones failed to medal in Tuesday’s 100-meter hurdles. Two days before the competition even started the New York Times was comparing her to Anna Kournikova saying she was known for her looks and not her talent.

I have to admit I am constantly annoyed at female sports celebrities like Nascar’s Dana Kilpatrick who gets more coverage than equally talented male counterparts just for having boobs. The over coverage of Jones, who finished 7th in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, seemed a little crazy. I mean should we really be interested in someone because they are a hot virgin?

Although I am sad that Jones is experiencing this downfall in the media. I kind of think you bring it on yourself. I mean how many sponsorship deals did Jones get for making herself into a celebrity. I definitely saw way more of Jones in the lead up to London than fellow American hurdlers- Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells. Harper won silver in the 100-meter hurdles and Wells won bronze. And despite that the media is still talking about Jones. Wells even revealed her troubling past about being raped by her mother’s boyfriend who was later killed in a car accident along with Wells’ mother and the media still didn’t latch on. I guess a 30-year old virgin is more interesting than a girl who overcame rape to go to the Olympics.





Can’t We Just Be Happy for Him

9 Aug

Since I write about sports I read a lot of sports news. And recently there has been a big buzz over Michael Phelps’ new girlfriend. If you haven’t heard she is a model/actress/bartender from LA named Megan Rossee. They met at the nightclub where Rossee works in Hollywood- Blok. I live in LA but have never been to Blok but apparently it is trendy. The two have been together since January. But things have been heating up because she has been at the Olympics with him cheering him on.

All of this sounds pretty normal and nice. But of course the media is all over it. They are now starting rumors that she is gold digger and just wants Phelps for fame. Now I think if I were Phelps I would be incredibly offended by all of this. I mean we all know that Phelps is not the hottest swimmer(I mean have you seen Ryan Lochte) but that doesn’t mean women don’t find him attractive. Implying that Rossee just wants Phelps for his fame and money is like saying, “You are ugly dude.”

Not only that but I think we have all seen enough of Phelps’ mother, Debbie, to know that that woman could probably sniff a gold digger from miles away. And she would have none of that.

If Phelps wants to date models that is his right. He has earned it by becoming a huge celebrity. What is the point of making tons of money and being the face of swimming if you don’t get to date models? If I were Phelps I would be dating lots of models.

And lastly media don’t you know by giving this girl lots of attention you are doing exactly what you are accusing her of. You are giving her the spotlight because she is with Phelps. Which then feeds into this master plan you think she has. Oh the irony.



Too Dirty For the Olympics

8 Aug

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If you are not careful at the Olympic photographers may catch you at an awkward moment. Here are my favorite photos displaying the kinkier side of the Olympics.



USA Basketball Destroys Argentina

6 Aug

Damn Argentina. That was dirty.

Weyneth World

Up by just 1 point at halftime, the United States Men’s Basketball team used an early 9 point second half surge from LeBron James and then a spectacular third quarter shooting display from Kevin Durant (who scored 17 of his 28 points in the third quarter, including a couple shots from Ireland) to help crush Argentina 126-97. Team USA outscored the South Americans 42-17 in that third quarter, while Argentina reminded the USA that they are a soccer nation with all the flopping and dirty tactics that they used in today’s final group stage match.

Two nights ago the United States barely escaped a matchup with Lithuania, winning by just a 5 point margin at 99-94. Today’s game appeared to be headed towards a similar ending, that is until the USA turned up the intensity defensively and shot the lights out offensively. In that third quarter Kevin Durant matched the…

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Why Aren’t the Olympic Live?

6 Aug

I realize I have complained before about covering the Olympics. As a writer I want to be timely as fellow watcher I don’t want to spoil the results. So it pretty complicated for me internally. There has been a lot of debate during the London Olympics about NBC handling of the coverage. As you already know NBC delays the most popular events like gymnastics and swimming for prime time. It broadcast the events that no one cares about like water polo live.

Showing events in prime time works great for NBC because they can get more viewers and more commercials. The only problem is the invention of the internet. It it literally impossible not to know who won. I think the only strategy that would work would be to spend your day blindfold and plugged into your iPod. But for those of us who have to function we simply try to avoid news site or accidentally flipping to CNN on our way to the Food Network.

So why doesn’t NBC just air the events live and then re-air them later in the evening? The obvious answer is money. NBC wants to maximize it’s profits since it spent over a billion dollars securing the rights to the Olympics. If they air them during the day then people will find a way to upload the footage to the internet. Basically they will be losing money on their own footage. Therefore NBC holds off until the evening to prevent hacking.

A Gallop Poll recently showed that 59% of people would like NBC to air daytime events live and and then re-air them in prime time. We are stuck with NBC for the next 8 years as our Olympic provider so let’s hope they listen to the people.


White Men Can Run

4 Aug

I have to admit when the 10,000(6 miles for us Americans) meters race started I was doubtful that USA’s Galen Rupp had a chance in hell. In a reverse racist move on my part, I was thinking really USA we are running a white dude. But shockingly Rupp came in second behind his British training partner Mo Farah. It was beautiful moment to watch Farah win for Great Britain. Farah ran the 25 lap race in 27 minutes and 30.42 seconds. To give you some perspective it would take me about an hour to run 6 miles.

For the US Rupp he brought home the first medal in the race since 1964 when Billy Mills won gold. If only NBC had interviewed him right after instead of cutting away to beach volleyball. Finishing with the bronze was Tariku Bekele of Ethiopia.

So there you have it, I should have never doubted Rupp.