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A Little Less Chaos for the Redskins

28 Aug

The Washington Redskins have released popular tight-end Chris Cooley or Captain Chaos. Cooley has been with the Redskins since he was drafted back in 2004. He has a popular blog called “The Cooley Zone.” The two-time Pro Bowler will be remember for his big personality and wild hair. The Redskins released Cooley because of a serious knee injured that kept him sidelined for most of 2011. It has been reported that he doesn’t want to play for anybody else. But because of his personality he primed for television.




The Hits Keep Coming on Vick

21 Aug

Regular football season hasn’t even started and already Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick has had two hits and left the games after only 6 plays. In the first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Vick left due to a thumb injury which after X-rays ended up being fine. Than on Monday night he was knocked to the ground by New England Patriots’ Jermaine Cunningham. Another X-ray was done on Vick’s ribs but found nothing broken. It is unlikely that Vick will play anymore in the preseason but is expected to recover in time for regular season.

It is clear that there are still a lot of Vick haters out there for his illegal dog fighting practices for which he served time in jail. I’m not sure what I think about reform but for what it’s worth Vick has lobbied for tougher dog fighting laws since he suspension. So maybe he is a changed man . . . regardless he is still a good quarterback. And without him the Eagles would be screwed.


Trade Talks: So Where is Everyone Going?

14 Jul

It’s been a crazy trading season, like usual, so I have decided to give you an easy rundown on what is happening. Here is your trade cheat sheet.

Boston Celtics

Ray Allen bid farewell to the team in order to warm the bench in South Beach with the Miami Heat. Or as some fans refer to Allen he sold his soul to the devil. But don’t worry the Celtics have managed to hold on to big man Kevin Garnett. I know what you are thinking but Garnett is like 36 but don’t forget he can still do fist push-ups so he’s good for at least another season. The Celtics also managed to hold onto Brandon Bass, Chris Wilcox and Jeff Green. Although Green has been out to due heart surgery he may just be the it scoring factor the Celtics need.

They are still in the process of acquiring Jason Terry from the Dallas Mavericks but the paperwork should be done by the end of the week.  So don’t worry they will be fine without Allen.

The Miami Heat

Obviously the Heat are in a great position. They are coming off their championship win and they have all three major players still in place: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Now they just have to hope no one gets injured. They are now just padding their bench with veteran players. Allen is the perfect example of this. Joining Allen they added Washington Wizard Rashard Lewis. Both were former Seattle Supersonic players back in the day.

One thing is clear the Heat are looking for another championship win next year.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers obviously need to replace point guard Ramon Sessions since he didn’t intend to return. And aside from that the after being knocked out of the second round of the Playoffs it was obvious something needed to change. So the Lakers brought in veteran Phoenix Sun point guard Steve Nash. We can only hope he is more comfortable on the court than he looked at the ESPY awards the other night. The Lakers also managed to hold onto Devin Ebanks for another year.

Now the question is will the Lakers end up with Dwight Howard? Up until today it was looking like the Houston Rockets were going to get Howard but now the Lakers seem to be back in the mix. There is nothing official about what the deal would look like. Everyone has speculated that Andrew Bynum would be exiting as part of the deal. As a Laker fan I would gladly take Howard over Bynum even if it’s only for a year.

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Griffin is Out, Davis is In

12 Jul

Blake Griffin will no longer be dunking his way over the rest of the world in the London Summer Olympics. He injured his knee during a scrimmage. No one knows how bad his knee injury is yet. He is being examined by the Los Angeles Clippers doctors. They are now bringing in Anthony Davis to replace him. Unibrow fans can now rejoice.


Ray Allen Going to South Beach?

6 Jul

Boston Celtics’ free-agent guard Ray Allen is exploring his possibilities. Just last night he was wined and dined by the Miami Heat. Allen has spent 5-years with the Celtics and I guess is feeling a little replaced by players like Avery Bradley and Jason Terry. The Heat just acquired Terry after the Davis Mavericks didn’t re-up his contract. This means that the line-up will be Bradley starting and Terry being his back-up. So where does this leave Allen? Either on the bench with the Celtics or the Heat.

The Heat are pushing really hard to sign Allen. Both LeBron James and Dwayne Wade have reached out to him on Twitter. But I were Allen and I wanted to have more playing time the Heat would not be my first choice. Both Minnesota and Memphis are interested in Allen. And although they might not looking appealing now maybe you will warm up to the idea after watching games from the sidelines with the Heat.


Davis Injured Already

2 Jul

Anthony Davis the number one draft pick by the New Orleans’ Hornet has sprained his ankle during training. The basketball wonder boy was scheduled to work in hopes of being on Team USA’s Basketball team in the London Olympics. Now it’s looking like he will be added to the long list of injured potential Olympic players. He’s in good company with: Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, Derrick Rose, and Dwight Howard.

This gives hope to Olympic wannabes like Lamar Odom.  But seriously enough with the injures already. I am running out of creative ways of saying players will not be going to the Olympics.


Wade Might Not Play in the Olympics

24 Jun

Does he really not want to play because he’s not getting paid or is it actually his knee?

Tony Parker Gets Injured . . . Not Playing Basketball

15 Jun

Spurs’ Tony Parker made it all the way through two round of the NBA Playoffs without injury only to hurt his left eye in a bar fight in New York City. The best part about this story is that Parker was in the middle of the fight between Chris Brown and Drake’s entourage over Rihanna. Brown has some serious issues when it comes to the Rihanna thing, he should definitely get some therapy about that.

New York Knicks’ Iman Shumpert was also at the club but managed to get out unharmed. Parker actually got off easy because a random girl at the club had her head split open by a flying bottle. Since Parker’s cornea was injured he can’t do anything for 7 days but no worries he will still be good for the Olympics. That’s good because France needs him.



No pictures of Parker with an eye-patch yet but I will definitely be looking.

I Won’t Have Another

8 Jun

Just as I’ll Have Another was getting ready to take home a Triple Crown this weekend he was got a swollen left front tendon. That means he will not compete in the Belmont this weekend.  One commentator said if I’ll Have Another tried to race it would be like racing with 3 legs.  I’ll Have Another was my favorite in the Kentucky Derby and surprised everyone by winning.

Not only that but I’ll Have Another will probably never race again. America hasn’t had a Tripe Crown winner in 34 years. I wonder who will still be watching the Belmont? There is really no point without I’ll Have Another. In honor of I’ll Have Another I think we should all dedicate that second drink this weekend to him.



My favorite thing about this horse is if you google image, “I’ll Have Another,” you get a mixture of drunk sorority girls and horse pictures. That’s awesome.

Celebrities Go Down at Charity Soccer Match

29 May

To benefit UNICEF a all-star Soccer Aid match was held at Manchester United’s Old Trafford on Sunday. You know how these all-star sports event are, usually very light and easy. Apparently that’s not what happened on Sunday. The English team was composed of: Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Aston Merrygold, Olly Murs and Marvin Humes. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know any of the people on the English team, I didn’t either.

They faced off against the world team that included: Will Ferell, Gordon Ramsay (I’m not sure why he didn’t make the English team), Mike Myers, Gerard Butler, Edward Norton, James McAvoy, Woody Harrelson and Michael Sheen.

Apparently after a tackle from former pro soccer player, Teddy Sheringham, Ramsey had to be air lifted off the field. He is sore but fine now. At least it teaches us that Ramsey is not immune from human pain, you wouldn’t know that from “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Later on in the game Ferrell limped off the field. As you would expect the English team won against a bunch of movie stars and one reality chef. They raised more than $6.4 million for UNICEF.