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Serena is Smokin

24 Aug

Seriously Serena Williams looked amazing at her appearance the other night on Letterman. She deserves to look pretty before the US Open starts on Sunday and she has to spend her days sweaty. If you were curious her shoes are Christian Louboutins that cost $4,000. It pays to be good.



Vegas Vacation: Lochte + Prince Harry

23 Aug

I haven’t written about swimmer Ryan Lochte in a couple of days and it has left a hotness void in my life. I consider it my duty to web stalk him for women everywhere. Lochte has been taking some time off from swimming lately to enjoy the high life. He’s did a cameo on “90210,” visited the “Tonight Show,” peed in a pool with Joan Rivers, and finally partied in Las Vegas.

I really wish I had been in Vegas since everyone who anyone seemed to be there recently. While at a pool party in Vegas Lochte ran into none other than Prince Harry. I’m surprised they didn’t run into each other in London. To prove that he’s not afraid of urine in a pool Prince Harry challenged Lochte to friendly race. There is no word on who one but I’m guessing it was Lochte. The two then parted ways. Lochte mostly likely went off for a classic one-night stand with one of the millions of bikini girls that he’s been photographed with. Meanwhile Prince Harry proceeded to take those infamous naked pictures. On the “Today Show” Lochte said that he was happy he wasn’t invited to Prince Harry’s naked party. I guess being a part of a royal scandal was not on his to do list.


The Reality Show I Can’t Wait For

14 Aug

We all know how much everyone loves or loves to hate on swimmer Ryan Lochte. As it turns out that is the perfect combination needed for a reality star. For evidence consider how many Kardashian love/haters there are in the world. Lochte has been offered to star in three different reality shows. Although nothing is confirmed I can only hope that his mother is a major part of the show. Any mom who is willing to openly express her son’s love for a one-night stand is perfect for reality stardom.

Lochte has already expressed his willingness to go on “Dancing with the Stars”. Michael Phelps has also expressed interested in the show. Leaving the media to salivate over the idea of another Phelps/Lochte showdown. While Phelps has all the time in the world to work on reality television Lochte is still training for the Olympics in Rio 2016. So I can only imagine any show about Lochte’s life is going to involve a lot of time in the pool. Lochte needs to keep swimming to keep his sponsors happy. Fortune Magazine estimates that Lochte will be making $2.3 million in endorsements this year.


But with Lochte incredible hotness . . . I think I could watch him do almost anything well except for peeing in the pool. This is just nasty.


The Greatest Athletes in the World

9 Aug

While Usain Bolt was prancing around proclaiming himself to be the best athlete in the world . . . Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee were busy getting medals for actually being the world’s greatest athletes. For the first time in 56 years the US has won gold and silver in the decathlon. Eaton took home the gold with 8,869 points. Hardee (one of the hottest Olympians) finished second with 8,671 points. The points are accumulated over 10 events over two days. The events include: 100 meters, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters, 110 meter hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and 1500 meters.
This is the first medal for 24-year old Eaton who got the Olympic record in the trials with a score of 9,039 points. Hardee was more than happy to get silver after fouling out in the pole vault in Beijing. It was a truly great accomplishment for both men.




So Nike Makes Blades Now

6 Aug

Disabled runner Oscar Pistorius both inspired us and made us feel lazy at the same time. If a man missing the bottom half of his legs is competing at the Olympics than us regular folks have no excuse for not going to gym. Pistorius failed to qualify for the finals in the 400-meter race. Regardless of how Pistorius raced all eyes were on him. I guess Nike knew this and took advantage of the opportunity. If you looked closely at Pistorius on the block you could make out the Nike check on his blade. Let’s not get confused here Nike does not make Pistorius’ blades but they did make his spikes. So I guess that means they can claim the whole thing? To give credit where it is due the blades were made by a company Ă–ssur.

But we hope this doesn’t stop Nike from sponsoring Pistorius because let’s face it he’s not only inspiring but he’s really hot. Just check out this photo of him below.



Thank Goodness He’s Pretty

6 Aug

We can’t have it all brains and beauty. I think this video proves it. Well at least Ryan Lochte is still hot. Maybe he is smarter in person. . .


So No More Ryan Lochte . . .

2 Aug

I knew the day would come when Ryan Lochte would be done racing in the Olympics. I just can’t believe it came so soon. What will I fantasize obsess about now? I am especially interested knowing from Lochte’s mother that he has “one night stands.” Yes you heard it from his mother Lochte is slutty and that means you could be the next lucky girl to wake-up alone smelling like chlorine. Ahh the dream.

So here is how Lochte made out at the Olympics.

2 Gold– 4×200-meter freestyle relay, men’s 400-meter individual medley

2 Silver– 4×100-meter freestyle relay, 200-meter individual medley

1 Bronze– 200-meter backstroke

So he got 5 out of the 6 medals he was going for . . . that’s pretty good. But don’t worry Lochte has said he will be back at the next Olympics. Until then I will continue to online stalk him and keep you updated.


A Break From the Olympics

30 Jul

We have all been distracted by the Olympics and we forgot about our normal media sensations like Tim Tebow. But while we were drooling over the hot Olympic bodies Tebow has been training with the Jets. He has been through a rigorous training program that includes running shirtless in the rain. I can say with confidence after watching this video several times(more times than I should probably admit) Tebow could definitely have a career in male stripping.


Don’t Worry Lochte We Still Love You

30 Jul

It’s been downhill for Ryan Lochte ever since his first gold medal win. First it was choking as the anchor of 400-meter freestyle relay. Lochte apparently got a little to excited a wore himself out by getting an early lead only to loose it in the end to Frenchman Yannick Agnel. Giving the Americans the silver medal behind France. Michael Phelps on the other hand proved why he was amazing by gaining a lead during his leg of the relay.

If that loss weren’t enough now Lochte has failed to medal 200-meter freestyle finishing fourth on Monday. He was beaten again by Frenchman Agnel who took home the gold. There is nothing worse than being beaten by the French, I’m mean isn’t it enough that they think they are better than us and now they are proving it. Despite this loss I still believe Lochte will win gold in the 200-meter individual medley and 200-meter backstroke. True Lochte fans never give up hope.




Ronda Rousey Vs. Kim Kardashian

12 Jul

If you missed the ESPYs then you missed MMA fighter Ronda Rousey challenging Kim Kardashian. Basically Rousey stated that she had no respect for Kardashian because she made her fame through a sex tape.She also stated that Kardashian is not a good role model for kids. I personally think that these ladies should fight it out in the ring.

Kardashian did so good bad last time she took to the ring for charity. If you remember the episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians she was flipping out about the fight. But I think with some training and the lure of a bunch of money maybe she might be convinced to step in it again. One can hope . . .

Until then we will let them battle it out in the press.