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The Reality Show I Can’t Wait For

14 Aug

We all know how much everyone loves or loves to hate on swimmer Ryan Lochte. As it turns out that is the perfect combination needed for a reality star. For evidence consider how many Kardashian love/haters there are in the world. Lochte has been offered to star in three different reality shows. Although nothing is confirmed I can only hope that his mother is a major part of the show. Any mom who is willing to openly express her son’s love for a one-night stand is perfect for reality stardom.

Lochte has already expressed his willingness to go on “Dancing with the Stars”. Michael Phelps has also expressed interested in the show. Leaving the media to salivate over the idea of another Phelps/Lochte showdown. While Phelps has all the time in the world to work on reality television Lochte is still training for the Olympics in Rio 2016. So I can only imagine any show about Lochte’s life is going to involve a lot of time in the pool. Lochte needs to keep swimming to keep his sponsors happy. Fortune Magazine estimates that Lochte will be making $2.3 million in endorsements this year.


But with Lochte incredible hotness . . . I think I could watch him do almost anything well except for peeing in the pool. This is just nasty.



Men Taking Over Pink

25 May

If you score 41 points in a game you can wear whatever you want in my book. At this rate the Heat’s Dwayne Wade could make anything cool. Not to mention he is dating one of the hottest women in Hollywood Gabrielle Union(you have to be hot to play a high schooler for 10 years).  The media are giving Wade a lot of shit over his choice of bright salmon pink pants that he wore to the pregame interview. Personally, I think he pulled them off. And he’s not alone in this pink trend.

Kanye West has been sporting pink for a while now. And the new Lebron 9’s have pastel pink on them and they are for men. With that said you have to be a certain type of man to really pull of pink and I wouldn’t recommend to anyone who hasn’t gone platinum or doesn’t have an NBA contract.


Tebow Goes Hollywood

23 Feb

Tim Tebow, the Bronco’s QB, has got himself an agent. I guess his religion has nothing against going after big money. His new WME agent will handle his speaking appearances, endorsements, book, film and TV deals. All I can say is that I can’t wait to see Tebow try his chops at acting. I think he will be the next George Clooney Keanu Reeves.