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My First Fantasy Football Draft

27 Aug

You may have noticed I was missing in action yesterday. My absence was in part because of recovering from a night of drunk debauchery but also because I was preparing for my first ever Fantasy Football Draft. Like any good student I had waited till the last-minute to study. A guy friend, who has mastered fantasy gave me this advice:

1. Draft Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy first. I was pick number 4, McCoy went as number 2 in our draft. So¬† I failed at that one.

2. Make sure to get the San Francisco 49ers as your Defense Strategy. It took me about half-way through the draft to figure out how to pick at team for defense strategy so I failed at one and evened up with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3. Whatever you do don’t draft Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo. Okay this one I definitely didn’t do. I instead went with Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick.

My grade so far would definitely be an C.

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I Wouldn’t Complain

31 Jul

Speaking of US Gymnastics a recent scandal has broken out over gymnast Danell Leyva sending nude photographs to men women. Some girl came forward with a bunch of very provocative photos of Leyva on her phone. Apparently he has exchanged photos with multiple women. I personally can’t believe that this woman is complaining. If Leyva wants to send me some hot photos of himself, I would take it as a gift. I mean seriously how could you complain about seeing that man naked? As we speak I am making one of these photos the background on my computer.

And the worse part is this women is asking for nothing in return to release the photos. She is claiming she will also release nude photos too. I’m not sure I get her motive . . . we already know he’s hot.