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US Open Day 2: Yawn

29 Aug

So there were no exciting upsets on Day 2 of the US Open. There was also not much excitement at all. Players defeated opponents quickly and efficiently. Defending champion Novak Djokovic killed his opponent Italian Paolo Lorenzi 6-1, 6-0, 6-1. The match lasted all of 73 minutes and was pretty much an ass whooping.

Then Serena Williams defeated fellow American Coco Vandeweghe 6-1, 6-1. At this point it kind of seems like Serena could win in her sleep. Her sister Venus Williams on the other hand has been struggling. Venus has been trying to push past her autoimmune disease but fell short in the past. Venus did manage to defeat fellow American Bethanie Mattek-Sands 6-3, 6-1.

So no close matches yet. Maybe there will be some excitement on Day 3 with Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray.



Ryan Tannehill or Matt Moore: Who Sucks Less?

20 Aug

If you caught any of the pre-season match-up between the Miami Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers you know that the Dolphins were struggling. The Dolphins lost the game 23-17. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill, 8th overall draft pick, started the game off. Tannehill was 11 of 23 passes for 100 yards. He was also sacked(tackled before he could throw a pass) three times and had four passes deflected(the ball was caught by the other team). Compared to Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton who made 8 of 11 passes for 119 yards and had a touchdown, Tannehill didn’t look good.

But at least Tannehill looked better than veteran QB Matt Moore. Moore played against reserve players and completed only 5 of 15 passes for 57 yards. For the Dolphins it is really a question of who sucked less and the answer is Tannehill. The team is expected to announce within the week which QB will be their starter. The regular football season starts in three short weeks. And the Dolphins have a lot of work to do. They had no blocking from the offensive line which is really their primary job. The Dolphins had no running game which is probably because their offensive line is not blocking. So needless to say Tannehill is going to have a heavy burden if he is named QB.


Tebow Saving One Team at a Time

14 Aug

If it wasn’t clear that Tim Tebow thinks he is the savoir of football from his stopping of selling Jets’ Jesus t-shirts than this photo really does clarify it. GQ is re-printing a controversial photo of Tebow posing like Jesus which was taken back in his Florida days. People are now calling it the “sexy Jesus” pose. Some Christians are not digging the photo and think Jesus should not be made into a sexual object. I think it is great to be Christian but the real conversation should be on football.

The real question to sports fans is will Tebow eventually push Jets’ starting quarterback Mark Sanchez out of the way. In the first preseason game both quarterbacks were pretty underwhelming. Sanchez completed 4 of his 6 passes with 21 yards. Tebow completed 4 of 8 passes with 27 yards but gained 34 yards running. The Jets lost the game to the Cincinnati Bengals 17-6. What Tebow has that Sanchez doesn’t is his ability to run the ball. And although the word is still that Sanchez is their man, many are speculating that they are designing plays around Tebow.

You can’t turn on Sports Center without hearing about the Jets’ secretly trying out the Wildcat offense with Tebow. Yes, it is baffling to me too how something can be a secret when everyone is talking about it. Wildcat formation has been around forever and the only reason people are talking about it is because Tebow is involved. And the reason they are talking about using Tebow rather than Sanchez is that the play involves more running than passing. Regardless of the Tebow factor the Jets are not looking like they are going to have a stellar season.


And You Think Nothing Exciting Happens in Baseball

9 Jul

No one at the Texas Rangers/Minnesota Twins game last night was complaining due to a lack of action. The game was boldly interrupted last night by lighting. It was so loud and so powerful that Twins center fielder Denard Span tweeted, “That’s the loudest noise I’ve ever heard. I thought Jesus was comin!”

It is kind of funny to watch all these grown men running from lightning. I can’t blame them but still so funny.


Heat Adjust Beat Thunder, 100-96

15 Jun

I had a sneaking suspicion that the Miami Heat were going to figure out a way to come back. I just have an image of LeBron James crying after Game 1 against the Thunder about how he was never going to get a ring. The Heat started out Game 2 strong putting the Thunder in a 17-point hole. James managed to control Kevin Durant and score 32 points at the same time. Durant still managed to score 32 points for the Thunder but was not able to facilitate plays like he was in Game 1.

Dwayne Wade definitely step-up to the plate this game(I’m sure James was pushing him) and scored 24 points. Chris Bosh rejoined the Heat’s starting line-up and helped with 16 points and 15 rebounds. And my favorite Heat player, Shane Battier, did an amazing 17 points. This is Battier first Finals despite being in the NBA for a billion years. It is pretty clear without his outside shots the Heat would not have been able to win.

It clear moving forward that the key for the Thunder is going be not giving the ball to Russell Westbrook for 3’s. He was missing field shots left and right last night and giving the Heat a lot of rebound opportunities. Despite that Westbrook still managed to score 27 points. The extra push last night for the Thunder really came from the offense of James Harden with 21 points.

And the Thunder might just have won last night if it weren’t for the refs making a bad call. With 7.2 seconds on the clock Durant went in for running dunk only be held back by James. Durant missed the shot and worse he managed to give James two foul shots. It was clear to almost everyone that the foul should have been on James not Durant. James made his two free throws and sealed the win for the Heat.

This series is only going to get more interesting. Can’t wait for Game 3 on Sunday in Miami.


Bill Murray Adds Some Fun to Minor League Baseball

11 Jun

Bill Murray showed fans at a minor league baseball game yesterday that he is still funny. The game was rained out and Murray decided to entertain fans by playing around on the field. If you are think man celebrities get to do everything, I can’t run on the field. Well yes and no. Murray is actually part owner of the team the Charleston RiverDogs. That means he can run on the field whenever he likes. I would pay more to have a side of Murray with my baseball tickets.


A Real Fighting Irishman

3 May

Notre Dame’s 19-year old quarterback, Tommy Rees, was arrested early this morning after resisting arrest. The whole thing started when the police came to bust up a house party which they described as a “madhouse of people.”(Thanks officers for describing every party in the history of time).

When the police started to break-up the party Rees jumped a fence and ran. I can’t say I blame Rees he had a lot on the line including his starting QB position. This didn’t stop the police from catching up to him. Once the police caught Rees kneed one of the officers in the chest. The police then pepper sprayed him and arrested him.¬† It must have been a good party because Rees’ blood alcohol level was at a .11. He was arrested along side Norte Dame linebacker Carlo Calabrese who had a BAC of .12.

Rees is being held without bond and it looks like is will no longer be the starting QB for Notre Dame. This is not the first arrest for the Rees family. Tommy’s sister Meghan was arrested back in October for getting drunk and starting a fight during a Notre Dame game in which her brother was playing. Honestly this family needs to either get it together or get a reality show.