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Umm Thanks I’m Good

29 Aug

Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman received an interesting proposal while signing autographs at an L.A. Office Depot. A fan asked for her hand in marriage using a ring pop. The man even got on one knee. Raisman of course said no but did take the ring pop. She also gave the fan a picture.  Can’t blame the guy for trying. It will definitely make for a good story later.

If this happens to Raisman at age 18 I can only imagine what happens to Ryan Lochte. He’s of marrying age too.



I’m So Excited . . .Lakers Taking Over

15 Aug

Even if you are not a fan of the Los Angeles Lakers you have to be excited to see the team play with the new additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash. This poster just got me even more excited. I think the only people who are not excited are Miami Heat fans.


Shut Up or Buck Up

26 Jun

I am often amused by the NBA’s morality standards. Make someone bleed from the head during a game, fine. But don’t you dare use nasty language toward heckling fans. I am not defending the language that Amar’e Stoudemire used to describe a fan but I do think he had a right to do it. It was bad enough dealing with heckling fans in person now athletes have to listen to them on Twitter. Stoudemire is being fined $50,000 for insulting a fan over twitter.

The fanasshole @BFerrelli said, “better come back a lot stronger and quicker to make up for this past season.” Stoudemire responded personally to the fan, “F*** you. I don’t have to do any thing f**.” If you are having trouble with the stars, I give you a hint the first one rhymes with duck and the second rhymes with hag. admittedly this season was not a high note for Stoudemire. He averaged 17.5 points and 7.8 rebounds for New York Knicks this season which is low for him. But at the same time his brother died, he struggled through injury and he punched a fire extinguisher. So let’s just give the guy some time to recover from all of this before you start riding him about next season.

As for other NBA stars who have been caught using the other f word and fined, why not think of a new curse word. Something that won’t cost you $50,000.


Kings Getting Stanley Cup Today

6 Jun

I know the media likes to hype these things up but let’s face facts the Los Angeles Kings will be winning the Stanley Cup tonight. I believe it would take God himself to be playing hockey with the New Jersey Devils in order for them to win. It will be the first Stanley Cup for the King’s franchise. Here are the reasons why:

1. The Kings have won 15 of 17 matches in the post season.

2. The Kings’ goalie, Jonathan Quick, is incredible. He has allowed only 24 goalies in 17 games, which averages out to 1.36 goals per game. He has the best post season save percentage, .950, of any goalie since 1968. Quick has stopped the puck 97.2 percent of the time against the Devils. So basically nothing gets by this guy.

3. The Devils are really bad a scoring. They have had 12 power-play opportunities in this series and come up empty on all of them. (A power-play is when they outnumber the other team because players are in the penalty box).

So now Los Angeles bandwagoner can go out and celebrate this amazing victory. I can tell you being from North Carolina and experiencing the Hurricanes rise to the Stanley Cup, it is a brief affair. Come next year everyone in LA will have even forgotten hockey exist. So enjoy it for this brief second.

Game 4 is Wednesday at 8:00pm EST.




Hello Celtics Welcome Back to the Series

1 Jun

First it was the Oklahoma City Thunder Thursday night surging for the win against the San Antonio Spurs. Now it’s the Boston Celtics who practically rose from the dead to overtake the Miami Heat, 101-91. I would like to be able to say that this was a game of Rajon Rondo headband revenge but it actually was a team effort with a lot of help from the bench.  Keyon Dooling came off the Celtics bench in the first quarter to score 7 straight points. It was an exciting game for Kevin Garnett who scored 24 points and proved he can do 8 fist pushups in a row. Rajon Rondo scored 21 points for Celtics which is an obvious drop from 41 in the previous game but I think he’ll take it since they won.

It was a very sad second half for the Heat who at the start of the 4th quarter were trailing by 24 points. Even then I thought maybe they are going to do something amazing but alas all they did was close the gap some. LeBron James scored 24 points for the Heat. James seemed to be struggling when they moved him to the center position towards the end. Dwayne Wade scored 18 points but was missing a lot of shots. Not only was Wade missing shots but for the first time ever he didn’t make it the foul line. Which Heat could have used since they were shooting 10 of 20 from the line.

The Celtics plan was to keep the Heat from scoring and man did it work. Will it work again on Sunday for Game 4, we’ll see.



Spurs get ‘Nasty’ on the Court

30 May


And by get nasty . . . I mean win. Tuesday night’s Game 2 between Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs was not what I expected. It was probably not what the Thunder expected either. The Thunder trailed for entire game. The closest the Thunder came was within 6 points. It was like after Game 1 the Spurs really looked at their plays and reworked them to match the Thunder. And the Thunder well they just seemed utterly lost at how to beat the Spurs.

The Spurs won their 20th straight game beating the Thunder, 120-111. I should note that the Thunder are the first team to make it to a 100 points against the Spurs. Kevin Durant put up 31 points for the Thunder. Russell Westbrook had 27 points and James Harden had 30 points. And despite all of that scoring the Thunder still lost. Whatever was working for the Thunder before certainly isn’t working now.

Tony Parker (who shockingly gets very little attention in the NBA) scored 34 points. Manu Ginobili kept up his break out Game 1 appearance and scored 20 points. The biggest thing you notice while watching the Spurs is there ability to share the ball. When you look at the scoring stats it’s not just a few key people making points. Continue reading

Hey Look At My Belly

18 May


I do have to say this is the best way I’ve seen to distract someone while playing. This Philadelphia 76er fan used his amazing belly to try to hypnotize Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett into missing a shot. I’m surprised it didn’t work, so were the announcers.