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Lance Armstrong Losing Everything

23 Aug

If you have been following Lance Armstrong originally appealed the USADA(Unites States Anti-Doping Agency which is a non-profit organization that receives partial funding from the federal government) right to investigate doping allegations but the case was thrown out. Armstrong was expected to appeal the decision. Instead Armstrong has decided not to fight anymore. This means he will lose all 7 of his Tour de France wins. He was also be hit with a life-time ban from cycling, which he retired from a year ago. And I guess we can no longer consider him the greatest cyclist of all time.

When asked for comment Armstrong said,”I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999. The toll this has taken on my family and my work for our foundation and on me leads me to where I am today – finished with this nonsense.” Regardless of what you think of Armstrong doping you have to be sad for his foundation Livestrong which helps survivors of cancer. I’m sure it will be harder for them to raise money after this.

Armstrong has been accused by several former teammates of taking oral testosterone(yeah that’s everybody’s favorite recently). To cover-up for using the banned substance it is said that Armstrong received blood transfusions(aka. blood doping). He was also accused of supplying other teammates with drugs. This is despite passing nearly 500 doping test. He also survived a Federal investigation earlier this year for doping.

This once raises the issue of doping in sports. Even the teammates accusing Armstrong of doping were all suspended at one point for doping. If you look at the wikipedia page for doping cases in cycling it is incredibly long. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_doping_cases_in_cycling) All the major cyclist have been accused of doping at one point in their careers.

I think it is time that we have the debate about how much of an edge do steroids give athletes. If we gave everyone the same steroids would they all perform the same? How much of them winning is the extra edge and how much is natural? I can tell you that even if an average dude took the same steroids that Armstrong is accused of taking they still wouldn’t be able to win the Tour de France.









NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Potential Relocation Could be Virginia Beach, Arena Deal Reportedly in the Works

23 Aug

I am totally shocked. What happened to the OC?

Ryan Lochte’s Parents Losing Home

4 Aug

This is such a super sad story. While Ryan Lochte has been the star of the Olympics his parents have been dealing with a foreclosure on their Florida home. CitiMortage is trying to recoup $25o,000 from Ryan’s parents. Ryan’s mother, Ileana, claims that she was getting divorced and had lost her job. Because she is an awesome mom she didn’t ask Ryan for help. Awww. Ryan’s parents have 5 children together and divorced back in 2011.

Ryan seems like a nice guy so I’m sure he’ll help her out. Also for anyone who is criticizing Ryan’s parents for supporting him in London- shame on you. You shouldn’t have to miss your son be an Olympic star because of foreclosure.