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My First Fantasy Football Draft

27 Aug

You may have noticed I was missing in action yesterday. My absence was in part because of recovering from a night of drunk debauchery but also because I was preparing for my first ever Fantasy Football Draft. Like any good student I had waited till the last-minute to study. A guy friend, who has mastered fantasy gave me this advice:

1. Draft Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy first. I was pick number 4, McCoy went as number 2 in our draft. So  I failed at that one.

2. Make sure to get the San Francisco 49ers as your Defense Strategy. It took me about half-way through the draft to figure out how to pick at team for defense strategy so I failed at one and evened up with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3. Whatever you do don’t draft Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo. Okay this one I definitely didn’t do. I instead went with Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick.

My grade so far would definitely be an C.

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In Case You Missed It: Ronda Rousey on Conan

13 Aug

While we have all been distracted by the Olympic regular sports have continued on. MMA fighter/Kardashian hater Ronda Rousey is preparing to defend her Strikeforce women’s bantamweight title(between 126-135 pounds). The 135 pound Rousey will take on 135 pound Sarah Kaufman, Saturday August 18th from Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. It will be broadcast on Showtime for those of you who are interested in watching the action.

Kaufman is a former champ but if I were her I’d be worried because none of Rousey’s fights have made it past the first round. Rousey is famous for ending her fights with submission using the arm bar giving her the nickname of the “arm collector.” Rousey also told Conan that she thinks sex before a fight is a good thing for women. She should have no trouble getting dates after gracing the cover of ESPN’s the Body Issue.


Update: Howard is Going to Lakers

9 Aug

According to ESPN.com it has been confirmed that the four-way trade for Dwight Howard is going forward. In the deal Howard would be going to the Los Angeles Lakers. The Orlando Magic will get Arron Afflalo(Nuggets), Al Harrington (Nuggets), Nikola Vucevic (76ers) and one protected future first-round pick from the Lakers, Nuggets, and 76ers. The Denver Nuggets will get Andre Iguodala from the Philadelphia 76ers. Then the 76ers will get Andrew Bynum(Laker) and Jason Richardson(Magic).

This means that Pau Gasol will be staying with the Lakers despite originally being rumored to be part of this trade. Apparently Kobe Bryant is on my side and was happy that Gasol will be staying. Howard is still not ready to sign an extension with the Laker preferring to become a free-agent next year. But alas if the Lakers can’t convince him to stay then I’m sure the endorsement dollars will. Bynum is also not willing to sign an extension with the 76ers but that might change.

So who is winning in this deal? The Lakers are definitely winning with Howard they have a real shot at the Championship next year. Now if they could just get rid of coach Mike Brown my Laker fantasy would be complete. It is still debatable how this trade will work out for the 76ers. Iguodala was a great player that could have done more if a team was built around him. But Bynum may give the 76ers the inside presence that they need. The Nuggets are definitely doing good getting Iguodala but not sure why they needed to throw in a draft pick after giving up two players.

The real loser in this deal is the Magic. I don’t know what the Magic management was thinking but maybe they know something we don’t about potential recruits. At least Magic fans can celebrate that they don’t have to hear anymore about Howard.




ESPYs Fashion Rundown

12 Jul

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Forget the Hollywood celebs at the 2012 ESPYs the real stars are the athletes. The ESPY are the awards presented by the ESPN for excellence in sports and is voted by you(or the actual people who voted). The big winner of the night was LeBron James who won 3 awards. He didn’t have time accept the awards because he is training in Las Vegas for the Olympics. But don’t worry lots of other celeb athletes strutted their stuff on the red carpet.


ESPN Body Issue, Celebrates Sports?

10 Jul

The 4th Annual ESPN Magazine body issue is coming out. According to ESPN it is a “celebration of the athletic form.” Umm yeah sure because we can’t celebrate that while they are wearing clothes. I mean it’s obviously pandering to all of us gawkers who want to see our favorite athletes naked. I’m not complaining just saying let’s call it what it is.

The cover of this issue goes to New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski. You may remember him as the guy who dancing after losing the Super Bowl while Tom Brady was home crying. He is also the same guy who was caught taking photos with a porn star back in 2011. So basically he is the anti-Tebow.

The other cover possibility was the New York Knicks’ Tyson Chandler. I’ll let you guys decide who you think should have gotten it. If you pick up the issue you can see 27 almost nude athletes. Which if anything will motivate you to go to the gym.


NBA Draft: Kind of Pointless

28 Jun

If you don’t know today is the NBA Draft. A day when young college players see dollar signs as they give up the chance of an education for the pros. It is also a day when struggling teams like vampires suck their talent hoping to revive their ticket sales. I think the video above captures just how absurd this process is. The draft has become more and more irrelevant in modern days with most teams acquiring talent through trades or free agency.

Everyone has predictions of where people will go. I’m not even going to try to predict. Let’s just say Anthony Davis is going to New Orleans and call it a day.


Will have updates later today on how things panned out.



Ted Hates on France- Euro2012

8 Jun

I am not sure if I think this is funny just because I’m American . . . French people out there are you laughing? In honor of the Euro2012 starting today I am posting this video. More coverage of that to come. And I know you can’t wait to have an American try to cover soccer. I mean even ESPN outsourced to some British dudes for their initial coverage.


Jay Pharoah on First Take

6 Jun

Finally the meeting we have all been hoping for has happened. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and his impersonator from SNL’s Jay Pharaoh were in the same room. And honestly, I can’t tell who is better at being Stephen A. Smith, himself or Pharaoh. Pharoah also delighted the audiences with several other impressions running together. He Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington and Charles Barkley. I let you try to guess which one is which.

Not only that but he made a funny impression of Celtics’ Paul Pierce running then immediately falling for a foul. Claiming Pierce is a ‘diva.’  In response to this impression Pierce tweeted, “Who is Jay Pharaoh?” Which is probably the best comeback he could do.


Who Is This Sarah Phillips Chick?

3 May

This is kind of a bizarre story. Sarah Phillips was a sports gambling reporter for ESPN and Covers.com. Apparently, Phillips used her credentials to take advantage of two people on the internet. In one case Phillips took over someones Facebook page after he allowed her to be an administrator and then she shut him out. The Facebook page, in case you want to check it out, is NBA Memes. It is actually a very funny sports page.

Then Phillips took money from another guy online who she convinced would help her launch her own gambling site. The guy gave her around $2,000. Then based on some betting advice from this investor Phillips placed a bet and then lost $5,000. Instead of taking the loss she billed the guy for $5,000. Don’t we wish we could all bill our bookies for bad advice?

The story gets even weirder because ESPN has never met Phillips in person. There is a lot of speculation of who she really is and if her handle photo is actually of her. Phillips was hired for Covers.com and ESPN after posting comments on their sites about gambling. She apparently had a knack for gambling reporting or was ghostwriting for someone who did. Now ESPN has fired Phillips and everyone else is cutting ties.

This all just seems pretty sketchy. It’s like that movie “Catfish” all over again.



Could the Saints Get Any Dirtier?

23 Apr

I am really starting to believe that if any more scandals erupt from the New Orleans Saints they will be forced to change their name to the Sinners. First the Saints are caught up in bountygate a program that planned hits on opposing players for money. Now the Saints’ general manager, Mickey Loomis, is being accused of eavesdropping on opposing teams’ play calls during games. The spying allegedly took place from 2002 to 2004. The Saints weren’t very good from 2002 to 2004 so maybe this was Loomis’ way of improving them. Loomis is already being suspended for 8 games for his involvement in bountygate. The NFL just learned of this report and has yet to give any punishment.

The Saints are denying this saying that is a 1,000 percent false. I say don’t stop at 1,000 if you are going to lie deny something that strongly go for 1 million percent. If this did happen then it is kind of the NFL’s fault as well because who ever was the Game Coordinator was obviously not doing their job. Coordinators work as part of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and NFL. It is their job to make sure that frequencies are not interfering with one another during the game. If there is anything suspicious then the Coordinator reports to the NFL. We can only hope they find a Frequency Game Coordinator scandal next.

*The original report was broken by ESPN in a story called “Outside the Lines.”