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Could the Saints Get Any Dirtier?

23 Apr

I am really starting to believe that if any more scandals erupt from the New Orleans Saints they will be forced to change their name to the Sinners. First the Saints are caught up in bountygate a program that planned hits on opposing players for money. Now the Saints’ general manager, Mickey Loomis, is being accused of eavesdropping on opposing teams’ play calls during games. The spying allegedly took place from 2002 to 2004. The Saints weren’t very good from 2002 to 2004 so maybe this was Loomis’ way of improving them. Loomis is already being suspended for 8 games for his involvement in bountygate. The NFL just learned of this report and has yet to give any punishment.

The Saints are denying this saying that is a 1,000 percent false. I say don’t stop at 1,000 if you are going to lie deny something that strongly go for 1 million percent. If this did happen then it is kind of the NFL’s fault as well because who ever was the Game Coordinator was obviously not doing their job. Coordinators work as part of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and NFL. It is their job to make sure that frequencies are not interfering with one another during the game. If there is anything suspicious then the Coordinator reports to the NFL. We can only hope they find a Frequency Game Coordinator scandal next.

*The original report was broken by ESPN in a story called “Outside the Lines.”





The Good Old Morality Clause

8 Apr

The case of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino keeps getting more interesting progressing. If you have been under a rock and haven’t heard: Petrino was caught when joy riding went wrong with a hot young new hire Jessica Dorrell. Even though Petrino was in a great amount of pain from the crash, with broken ribs, he did not want anyone to call 911. Petrino knew that both his marriage and job would be at risk if there was a 911 report including Dorrell’s name. And of course that is exactly what happened when the information came out. Petrino admitted that he was trying protect a “previous inappropriate relationship” and when he says previous he means five minutes ago. I actually expected a better excuse out of Petrino could he had not just lied further and said he was just giving her a ride home? (No double meaning meant by ride home.)  Then Mrs. Petrino could take a beat from Mrs. Clinton and come out in a stylish headband claiming Petrino would never sleep around. I mean the rule of this game is deny, deny, deny. The man broke his ribs and didn’t want an ambulance but he can’t come up with a cover-up?

When Petrino signed his very expensive $3.5 million a year contract with Arkansas he also signed a morality clause. The morality clause gives the school the ability to fire Petrino for doing something like sleeping with an employee. The question is how badly has this incident damaged Arkansas reputation enough to give up Petrino? The school says it is waiting for the public to forget still conducting it’s investigation. Petrino has put Arkansas football back on the map and giving that up is going to mean a loss of alumni dollars. I expect they will ride out the media storm and reinstate Petrino just in time for the fall.