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A Little Less Chaos for the Redskins

28 Aug

The Washington Redskins have released popular tight-end Chris Cooley or Captain Chaos. Cooley has been with the Redskins since he was drafted back in 2004. He has a popular blog called “The Cooley Zone.” The two-time Pro Bowler will be remember for his big personality and wild hair. The Redskins released Cooley because of a serious knee injured that kept him sidelined for most of 2011. It has been reported that he doesn’t want to play for anybody else. But because of his personality he primed for television.




Damn That’s Mean

19 Jun

It is so sad in any divorce proceeding when one parent uses the kids as pawns against the other. That’s seems to have been the case this past Sunday for Dwayne Wade. On Father’s Day Wade was expecting to spend the day with his two sons before Game 3. Instead his former wife, Siohvaughn Wade, decided to keep her sons despite being scheduled for a flight to Miami on Saturday. Siohvaughn obviously isn’t too smart because trying to keep the kids when you don’t have custody rights is child abduction. Now she has lost her visitation rights and is dealing with misdemeanors charges. Luckily Wade is rich and was able to fly the boys on a private jet to Miami Sunday.

He says this didn’t affect him in Game 3 but I doubt that. Wade was off on Sunday and I think this is a good reason. This story just makes me super happy that Wade is dating hottie not crazy, Gabriel Union.


The Longest Walk Ever

16 Jun

Friday night Nik Wallenda became the first man ever to tightrope walk across Niagara Falls. I being the practical person decided to DVR it so I didn’t miss a minute. Little did I know that I really jammed my DVR with 3 hours of programming about this event. Yes, 2 1/2 hours leading up to a walk that took 25 minutes and 19 seconds. In which I think ABC reporters covered every aspect of Wallenda’s life including what he ate for breakfast that morning.

Although tightrope walking across Niagara Falls seems exciting it is actually really boring to watch. Wallenda literally just walked balancing a pole for 25 minutes occasionally praying to God and being interviewed by reporters trying to spice things up by messing with his concentration. And thanks to fears of ABC executives he was wearing a safety harness so there was no worries he would plummet to his death. It was an amazing feat in history that I wish I just read about the next day.

For ABC it was a gold mine for ratings getting 13.1 million viewers on what would normally be a dead night in programming. Which I guess was worth the 1.3 million it cost to set-up this extravaganza. And because it did so good we now get to watch Wallenda walk across the Grand Canyon next.  . .

If you want some real tightrope action rent “Man on a Wire,” that dude walked between the World Trade Center Towers with no safety harness.


Bill Murray Adds Some Fun to Minor League Baseball

11 Jun

Bill Murray showed fans at a minor league baseball game yesterday that he is still funny. The game was rained out and Murray decided to entertain fans by playing around on the field. If you are think man celebrities get to do everything, I can’t run on the field. Well yes and no. Murray is actually part owner of the team the Charleston RiverDogs. That means he can run on the field whenever he likes. I would pay more to have a side of Murray with my baseball tickets.


I Thought Canadians Were Peaceful

18 May

This is the most intense sport fight that I have ever seen. It just keeps going and going. Both teams end up fighting. This is a video from some random town in Canada (does it really matter). The game was between the Nanaimo Timbermen and the Coquitlam Adanacs. It was an Inter A Lacrosse game. In total 15 players were suspended over the fight. Luckily no one was seriously injured.


Boxing with Gay Marriage

17 May

Floyd “Jail Bound” Mayweather spoke out on Twitter Wednesday to say, “I stand behind President Obama & support gay marriage. I’m an American citizen & I believe people should live their life the way they want.” Mayweather was responding to Manny Pacquiao denouncement of gays. Pacquiao apparently told a reporter that he thought gay marriage was sin(which somehow spiraled into gay people should be killed). Which outraged the gay community and even called for the Grove shopping center in LA to ban him. Banning from the Grove is pretty serious considering it has the only Cheesecake Factory in the area. Thursday Pacquiao came out to apologize and deny clarify. Apparently Pacquaio doesn’t believe in gay marriage but thinks it okay to be gay. It sounds like Pacquaio is running for office. I think the only people this apology worked on was the Grove because they lifted their one day ban on him.

Pacquaio knows a thing or two about sinning. After almost losing to Juan Manuel Marquez last November he cleaned up his life. He did what every reformer does he got back together with his wife, he sold his casino, got rid of his cockfighting farm, gave up basketball(the basketball thing was also confusing to me too), and started reading the Bible. I am not sure which is worse: a gambling cockfighter condemning gay marriage or a wife-beater supporting it?

I think if Mayweather supports gay marriage he should prove it and fight Pacquaio.