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Durant Propels Team USA to Gold

12 Aug

Congrats Team USA. We knew you could do it.



Team USA are champions of the world once again as they defeated Spain 107-100 to win their second straight Olympic gold medal.

With the world as his stage, Kevin Durant shined the brightest for the U.S. and carried them to victory with a 30 point, 9 rebound performance. Lebron James scored 19 points and Kobe Bryant added 17 in the win. Pau Gasol was Spain’s high point man with 23 points.






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Trade Talks: So Where is Everyone Going?

14 Jul

It’s been a crazy trading season, like usual, so I have decided to give you an easy rundown on what is happening. Here is your trade cheat sheet.

Boston Celtics

Ray Allen bid farewell to the team in order to warm the bench in South Beach with the Miami Heat. Or as some fans refer to Allen he sold his soul to the devil. But don’t worry the Celtics have managed to hold on to big man Kevin Garnett. I know what you are thinking but Garnett is like 36 but don’t forget he can still do fist push-ups so he’s good for at least another season. The Celtics also managed to hold onto Brandon Bass, Chris Wilcox and Jeff Green. Although Green has been out to due heart surgery he may just be the it scoring factor the Celtics need.

They are still in the process of acquiring Jason Terry from the Dallas Mavericks but the paperwork should be done by the end of the week.  So don’t worry they will be fine without Allen.

The Miami Heat

Obviously the Heat are in a great position. They are coming off their championship win and they have all three major players still in place: LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Now they just have to hope no one gets injured. They are now just padding their bench with veteran players. Allen is the perfect example of this. Joining Allen they added Washington Wizard Rashard Lewis. Both were former Seattle Supersonic players back in the day.

One thing is clear the Heat are looking for another championship win next year.

Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers obviously need to replace point guard Ramon Sessions since he didn’t intend to return. And aside from that the after being knocked out of the second round of the Playoffs it was obvious something needed to change. So the Lakers brought in veteran Phoenix Sun point guard Steve Nash. We can only hope he is more comfortable on the court than he looked at the ESPY awards the other night. The Lakers also managed to hold onto Devin Ebanks for another year.

Now the question is will the Lakers end up with Dwight Howard? Up until today it was looking like the Houston Rockets were going to get Howard but now the Lakers seem to be back in the mix. There is nothing official about what the deal would look like. Everyone has speculated that Andrew Bynum would be exiting as part of the deal. As a Laker fan I would gladly take Howard over Bynum even if it’s only for a year.

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Lamar Odom a Clipper Again?

28 Jun

Lamar Odom is reportedly moving back to Los Angeles just this time to the Los Angeles Clippers. I was kind of hoping he would be a Laker again but alas that never going to happen. So the trade looks like this: Clipper Mo Williams would go to the Utah Jazz and Dallas Maverick Odom would go to the Clippers. I think this is a really good deal for the Clippers. Odom will be joining a strong team with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin.

Plus he can move back into Kardashian land.


LeBron Wins Everything

23 May

The NBA announced their picks for All-Defensive Team. If you don’t know what that is then join the team. It is basically all the head coaches (there are 30) get together an vote on who they think is the best defense players in the league. They cannot vote for their own players. Surprise to no one MVP LeBron James received the most votes. This is James’ 4th straight year on the list. Joining him on the list are Dwight Howard(Magic), Chris Paul(Clippers), Tony Allen(Grizzles), and Serge Ibaka(Thunder).

The NBA All-Defense second team consist of: Rajon Rondo(Celtics), Kobe Bryant(Lakers), Tyson Chandler(Knicks), Luol Deng(Bulls), and Kevin Garnett(Celtics).


Spurs Sweep Series

20 May

The Los Angeles Clippers put up a fight for their lives tonight. The game was incredibly close and it really looked like the Clippers might just beat the San Antonio Spurs. This was definitely the best game so far for Chris Paul. Paul who is still injured but never blames his playing on that, scored 23 points and 11 assist. Blake Griffin helped out despite biting his lip pretty hard in the first half with 21 points. Griffin would be even more helpful if he could get more than 5 rebounds a game but I’m sure he is working on that now.The game really came down to Paul making a crucial shot with 10 seconds left but it just didn’t happen. I’m going to blame his injuries even if he won’t.

This is the 18th consecutive win for the Spurs. Tim Duncan(who has not been called old yet but I’m sure that talk will start if they face the Thunder) scored 21 points. Tony Parker was behind him scoring 17 points. Now the Spurs sit and wait to see if they will play the Lakers or Thunder. If I were the Spurs I would hope for the Lakers.


Spurs Continue to Dominate, 105-88

18 May

The Los Angeles Clippers are merely a speed bump on the San Antonio Spurs way to the NBA Finals. At this point it just a matter of the Clippers losing with dignity. And if the Clippers are going to save face then they need to step-up because Thursday night’s game 2 was just sad. The Spurs sealed their 13th win by beating the Clippers, 105-88. Aside from having a better team the Spurs have had more resting time. They quickly killed the Utah Jazz in 4 games in Round 1 and had 8 days to prepare for the Clippers. Whereas the Clippers playing a grueling 7 games against the Memphis Grizzlies and had about 2 seconds to turn around for round 2. Not to mention Clipper Chris Paul is still fighting through injuries and barely able to score. Adding to the injury list is Blake Griffin who already had ankle problems and now has hip problems.

Paul scored 10 points for the Clippers Thursday night and Griffin managed 20 points. For the Spurs old man Tim Duncan scored 18 and Tony Parker had 22 points. Parker celebrated his 30th Birthday by beating the Clippers.  If the Spurs sweep the series at least the Clippers can be proud that they made it to the 2nd Round.



Can the Clippers Come Back?

16 May

The San Antonio Spurs beat the Los Angeles Clippers Tuesday night, 108-92. This was almost as bad as the Oklahoma City Thunder beating of the Los Angeles Lakers Monday night. The Clippers are looking very beaten up after a 7 game series round 1 against the Memphis Grizzlies. Chris Paul’s hip injury finally caught up with him and was only able to score 6 points. Luckily, Eric Bledsoe was able to hop off the bench and straight into action. Bledshoe scored 23-points for the Clippers. Blake Griffin played for 28 minutes despite his sprained left ankle and scored 15 points.

Even with rest it is hard to see how the Clippers are going to compete with the Spurs. The Spurs haven’t lost a game since April 11th. Tim Duncan led the Spurs with 26 points. The Spurs are unstoppable because they truly play as team and don’t just rely on a few superstar players(cough cough Paul and Griffin). In order to have any chance against the Spurs the Clippers are going to have to be controlling turnovers and go for every possible shot.


Lakers & Clippers Moving On

14 May

There was no relaxing for Los Angeles NBA fans this weekend.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets (96-87)

In one of the best games of the Playoffs the Lakers beat the Denver Nuggets, 96-87. Usually the headline for a game like this would be something like, “Kobe blah blah wins game.” But instead Saturday’s game was a story of Pau Gasol (I knew there was a reason I liked him). Gasol was in need of some redemption after his poor performance in Game 6. Not only that but when you were on the bubble to be traded you need to prove that there is a reason they kept you. Gasol definitely earned his place with the Lakers with 23 points, 17 rebounds, 6 assist and 4 blocked shots.  Metta World Peace also came back with a bang(no not literally this time) he scored 15 points for the Lakers. It was an amazing game, with 6:30 left in the game Gasol broke the tie by tipping in the ball. From there the Lakers managed to hold the lead. If we can take anything away from this game it is that the Lakers have to be on their toes if they are going to have shot against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Round 2, Game 1: Lakers vs. Thunder, Mon. 9:30pm EST.

Los Angeles Clippers vs. Memphis Grizzlies (82-72)

The Clippers managed to win their 3rd Playoff series in 41 years. For a second I thought it wasn’t going to happen. Usually Clippers games go like this there are doing okay for the first half then somehow in the second half the shit hits the fan. For example in Game 6 on Friday night the Clippers blew an 8-point lead in the 4th Quarter. The odds were stacked against the Clippers with Chris Paul having hip trouble and Blake Griffin having a sprained ankle. Luck for them the bench players really wanted to see round 2. Players like Kenyon Martin help the Clippers get ahead in the 4th by scoring 7 points. Paul scored 19 points despite his injury. The Grizzlies really needed help from their bench but just didn’t get it, the Clippers bench out scored them 41-11. For the Grizzlies next season it is going to be all about improving offense. In Game 7 they took too many risk by shooting 3s rather than getting the ball to the inside. Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol each had 19 for the Grizzlies. Now the Clippers will face more stiff competition against the San Antonio Spurs.

Round 2, Game 1: Clippers vs. Spurs, Tues. 9:30pm EST.



Clippers Cutting it Close

12 May

I honestly thought the Clippers would be moving on to Round 2. Instead they are moving onto Game 7 against the Memphis Grizzlies. The Clippers lost Game 6, 90-88. Blake Griffin was pushing through a sprained ankle but still managed to score 17 points. Fellow Clippers and MVP Chris Paul pushed through his hip injury and jammed finger to score 11 points.  It looked like the Clippers had it in the bag with a 8 point lead in the 4th. Then the Grizzlies came back and made 10 straight points and took the lead.

The other Gasol Mark Gasol, scored 23 points for the Grizzlies. Working with him was Zach Randolph who scored 18 points and had 16 rebounds. One of the most interesting parts of the game is when the refs called a technical foul for a high-five (you know the technical foul is anything that rubs the refs the wrong way). After Clipper Reggie Evans received a pass from Griffin he got a foul on Quincy Pondexter. It was the Clipper’s chance to tie up the game so naturally Evans gave Griffin a high-five. Apparently this seemed unsportsman like to the ref and he called a technical foul. It was super confusing to everyone how this happened.


With the Griffin and Paul being injured it is hard to see the Clippers coming out on top. And if they do move onto Round 2 will they have the energy after playing 7 games in Round 1? Game 7 will be this Sunday at 1:00pm EST.


Lebron James MVP Again (Sigh)

12 May

Is anybody happy (except for Lebron James and maybe his mother) that he has been named MVP again? This is James’ 3rd MVP Award. I know his former team, Cleveland Cavaliers, are not happy. The award is based on regular season performance. And James had the best regular season performance. He averaged 27.1 points during the 2011-2012 season on just 18.9 shot attempts a game. Thunder’s Kevin Durant was close in this aspect averaging 28 points on 19.7 shots a game. But James averaged more rebounds, assists, and blocks than anyone else.

There are a lot of arguments about what it means to be an MVP. The NBA really focuses on stats but a lot fans believe it should be more than that. It should be a player who without him the team would not perform nearly as well. I think Clippers’ Chris Paul is the perfect example of this, he continuously saves the Clippers’ asses. And if you think about it that way James really is an MVP because how well are the Cavaliers doing without him. After James left the Cavaliers lost 26 games in row and became the second worst team in the NBA. If that doesn’t say MVP then I don’t know what does.

Regardless of the MVP title the real question is whether James will ever win a championship.This could be the year for the Miami Heat. And what basketball outfit is complete without a championship ring.