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The Cowboys Are Strict Parents

27 Aug

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is going to be under lock and key. Bryant was arrested back in July for a Class A misdemeanor for assaulting his mother. Apparently there was an argument and he pushed her. She didn’t not need to go to the hospital but the police were still called. Although this was Bryant’s first arrest he previous had an altercation in a nightclub in Miami and was also banned from a mall for bad language and sagging pants. The Cowboys are taking no chances on him getting into the trouble again.

The 23-year old will be adhering to some new rules. Here is what he must do:

1. Attend weekly counseling sessions.

2. Have a full-time security detail. They will be with him all the time: practices, games, lunch with his grandma.

3. Cannot consume alcohol or go to strip clubs.

4. He has a 12am curfew every night.

So basically Bryant is like a 15-year old kid. But on the bright side at least the Cowboys care enough to give him rules. When Chad Johnson hit his wife the Miami Dolphins just sent him packing. And he does get a much bigger salary than the average teenager with a contract of $1.34 million yearly.




That’s Painful . . . Chad Getting Dumped By Dolphins

15 Aug

It is interesting how much sports is like dating sometimes. This video surfaced today of Chad Ochocinco Johnson being let go by Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin. I think the only thing that could have made this more painful is if Philbin had lead with “we need to talk.” Luckly, HBO was there to film the who painful ordeal for it’s series “Hard Knocks.” I’m sure HBO didn’t expect to have this much excitement seeing as how the Dolphins were literally the only team who was willing to participate in the series.

You can see in the video Johnson lobbies a little bit to try to stay but it is obvious that Philbin is not changing his mind.


Update: Lozada Files for Divorce

14 Aug

Evelyn Lozada has filed for divorce from Chad Ochocinco Johnson after 41-days of marriage. I think Lozada has just grounds for filing for divorce seeing as how Johnson was cheating and then head-butted her after being confronted. Then after 911 was called and Johnson was arrested he claimed that Lozada head-butted him despite having no injures to back it up.

When asked for comment Johnson said, “‘I am going to let the legal process run its course. I wish Evelyn nothing but the best, I have no negative words to say about her, the only thing I can say is I love her very much.” I think I would believe that more if he had confessed to head-butting her and apologized. Johnson claims he is refocusing on training so he can continue his NFL career. Although I think it will be a long time before any NFL team wants to go anywhere near him.

With all this publicity I wonder if VH1 should reconsider shelving their reality show . . . it might have gotten them some huge ratings.


Evelyn Lozada Speaks Out

14 Aug

Evelyn Lozada issued a statement today concerning her heat butting incident with her estranged husband Chad Ochocinco Johnson. She said the following: “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me. It is my sincere hope that he seeks the help he needs to overcome his troubles. Domestic violence is not okay and hopefully my taking a stand will help encourage other women to break their silence as well.”

It is crazy that Johnson even tried to claim Lozada head-butted him since she was the one with a gash in her forehead. And why would Lozada run to the neighbor for help if she was the one who was violent? I think it is good that Lozada is setting a positive example by standing up against domestic violence. Which if you read some comments on stories about the incident  you will see is necessary. There are multiple men who wrote, “you need to put a woman in her place” messages. I think that if you find a receipt for condoms as a wife you have a right to question your husband.

Things have gotten even worse for Lozada who found out last night that her brother in law, Anthony Ochoa, died of cancer. Ochoa walked Lozada down the aisle a month ago. He was married to Lozada’s sister, Sylvia, for ten years.

This is all such sad news. Let’s hope things start getting better for Lozada.


Chad Johnson Loses Everything

13 Aug

It has not been a good weekend for football player Chad Ochocinco Johnson. First on Friday Johnson drops the only pass he was given in the preseason opener game. On Saturday Johnson was arrested for head-butting his new bride/ “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada. Apparently Lozada was upset when she found a receipt for a box of condoms in the trunk of the car. She confronted Johnson only to get head-butted. Johnson claims that it was actually Lozada who head-butted him, although he didn’t have a mark on him.

Just a mere 24 hours later the Miami Dolphins decided to let Johnson go. Coach Joe Philbin says it is merely a coincidence that he is releasing Johnson after his arrest for battery. Philbin had apparently been itching to get rid of Johnson after he proven to more than a handful. Johnson thought he was the star of the Dolphins despite his terrible last season with the New England Patriots. Johnson would barge into meetings and cursed like a sailor in front of the press. Which luckily HBO has caught on tape thanks to the the “Hard Knocks” series featuring the Dolphins.

If things couldn’t get any worse Johnson just lost his up coming reality show VH1 ”Ev and Ocho”(not really sure why it’s called Ocho since he changed his name). Apparently domestic battery is the line that VH1 won’t cross when it comes to reality television. So now Johnson is wifeless, jobless, and even reality televisionless. When reality television rejects you on moral grounds you know you have problems.


No More Ochocinco

23 Jul

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco has changed his back to Chad Johnson. Apparently his new wify, Evelyn Lozada, didn’t want to be Mrs. Ochocinco. The name was a reference to his jersey number 85. He’s had the Ochocinco for four seasons. Am I  the only one who is bummed about this? I really liked the name Ochocinco. It made it so much easier to remember him. If anyone should be changing their name it should be Metta World Peace.