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Most Expense Piece of Sports Memorabilia

21 May

And the prize for the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever bought goes to the first jersey worn by Babe Ruth. It sold at auction for $4.4 million. The jersey is from the 1920’s. It just makes me think how the quality of clothes has really gone down hill. If you wanted to buy the whole outfit you would have needed $5 million. A Babe Ruth cap from the 1930’s sold for$537,278. That’s the most ever paid for a cap. It was previously owned by Yankee pitcher David Wells.

I often wonder if old baseball memorabilia is worth more because there were no steroids involved. I mean how much will Roger Clemens memorabilia be worth if they prove he was drugging? We already know what it means for Barry Bonds’ memorabilia.



Celebrities Can Sell Anything

10 May

This story convinces me that celebrities can sell literally anything they have ever touched. We all remember when Kobe Bryant was forced to wear a face mask after getting a broken nose from Dwayne Wade during the All-Stars game. This mask which was worn for like 2 minutes by Bryant sold on Ebay for $67,100 on Tuesday. In the nice twist this money is going to benefit homeless youth(which there are a lot of in LA). It is still kind of ironic that  mask that Bryant hated wearing ended up selling for so much. The auction had 20 bidders. I really hope they clean the mask before shipping it, it got pretty nasty. I wonder what else they would be interested in buying from the Bryant utility collection, perhaps a sweat band next?


No More Hawg Wild for Petrino

9 May

And you thought nothing else bad could happen to former Arkansas football coach Joe Petrino but his now famous hog(named “Hawg Wild”) is up for sale. This is the very same hog that he crashed while riding with mistress Jessica Dorrell. Apparently, there was $18,481 worth of damage to the bike. The insurance company is selling it through a site called Copart.com. The bike was painted red for Arkansas. I guess it had too many bad memories for Petrino to want to repair it. And personally if I were his wife I would want it gone. For a mere $3,500 you can own it, anyone interested?

PS: I saw in several places that Dorrell had used some of the $20,000 given to her by Petrino on her up coming wedding. There is nothing like your sugar daddy paying for you to marry another man.Wonder how that worked out for her?