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Oh Silly Rabbit, Don’t You Know Better Than to Create a Fake Website

19 Aug

San Francisco Giants’ Melky Cabrera for tried to fool the MLB into thinking he “accidently” took performance enhancing drugs. Cabrera’s people created a fake website that sells a suspicious supplement with side effects of increasing testosterone. It was their execuse for why Cabrera suddenly had a spike in testosterone. Cabrera paid a consultant, Juan Nunez, to create the site for $10,000. Nunez is now taking the fall for the failed plan.

I can’t say I blame them for trying. I mean after all we are talking about the MLB who still thinks that most of their players are not doping so they are definitely not the brightest crayons in the box. So where did this genius sad plan go wrong? The site only magically appeared during the appeals process. Don’t they know if you are going to launch a cover-up it needs to be way before Cabrera has already been suspended. The MLB maybe be dumb but they are not that dumb.



Beware the Media Beast Might Bite You

9 Aug

We all know in today’s media centric world it is easy to go from everyone’s favorite to everyone’s least favorite. It is especially easy if you don’t live up to their expectations. Lolo Jones has been feeding the media beast ever since her sit down interview where she revealed she’s a 30-year old virgin. It didn’t take long for the media to follow her every move. But putting yourself in the spotlight has it pitfalls. Jones failed to medal in Tuesday’s 100-meter hurdles. Two days before the competition even started the New York Times was comparing her to Anna Kournikova saying she was known for her looks and not her talent.

I have to admit I am constantly annoyed at female sports celebrities like Nascar’s Dana Kilpatrick who gets more coverage than equally talented male counterparts just for having boobs. The over coverage of Jones, who finished 7th in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, seemed a little crazy. I mean should we really be interested in someone because they are a hot virgin?

Although I am sad that Jones is experiencing this downfall in the media. I kind of think you bring it on yourself. I mean how many sponsorship deals did Jones get for making herself into a celebrity. I definitely saw way more of Jones in the lead up to London than fellow American hurdlers- Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells. Harper won silver in the 100-meter hurdles and Wells won bronze. And despite that the media is still talking about Jones. Wells even revealed her troubling past about being raped by her mother’s boyfriend who was later killed in a car accident along with Wells’ mother and the media still didn’t latch on. I guess a 30-year old virgin is more interesting than a girl who overcame rape to go to the Olympics.





Spoiler Alert: Don’t Worry He’s Still In It

9 Aug

The inspiring hotness of Oscar Pistorius is not done with the Olympics yet. It was a close call for the 4×400 South African relay team that almost didn’t make the cut. During the semifinal heat on Thursday morning the team’s second runner, Ofentse Mogawane, ran into Vince Mumo Kiilu of Kenya on the final turn. Mogawane than tumbled to the track. Mogawane dislocated his shoulder during the fall. Which confirms my fears about racers running so close together.

The refs ended up disqualifying the Kenyan team saying that Kiilu caused the fall by cutting off Mogawane. Even though Kiilu claimed he had been spiked by Mogawane. Usually teams that don’t finish the heat can’t qualify but after an appeal the South African team is being allowed to compete.

And we can all celebrate that we will once again get to see Pistorius run in the Olympics. I know what I’ll be doing Friday night now.



Hargrove: It Wasn’t Me

19 Jun

One thing is clear about New Orleans Saints Bountygate the NFL and Roger Goodell are fighting their case with the press. Monday the NFL gave more evidence out to reports. This time it was a video clip from the 2010 NFC championship game, where a voice made a money comment about injuring then-Viking QB Brett Favre. The NFL is asserting that the voice was former Saints’ defensive end Anthony Hargrove. The clip was part of  the appeal hearing by Hargrove. Today Hargrove is letting the media know that voice was not him. But it’s kind of suspicious that in that same game Hargrove was flagged and later fined $5,000 for a flagrant hit on Favre. No worries Favre returned to play in that game meaning if he was participating in the bounty program Hargrove didn’t get the big reward of a ‘cart-off.’ But he would have still been owed some money for the hit.

Joining Hargrove at the meeting was Will Smith, Scott Fujita and Jonathan Vilma. The NFL is standing by their suspension decisions. But don’t worry Vilma still has his defamation suit against Goodell to get even.




Justice for Pacquiao?

13 Jun

The World Boxing Organization (WBO) will be reviewing the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley. The split decision by the judges giving Bradley the title has been very controversial. Bradley won 115-113 despite not landing nearly as many punches as Pacquiao.

It is one thing to overly hype fights but it’s another to just plain fix them. The WBO says it doesn’t doubt the judges. I think they just don’t want to look like they are doing nothing. It is merely a public statement to try to appease the public. It’s unlikely they will overturn the decision.


Roger Goodell is Still Right

4 Jun

It was announced Monday that commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL were in the right when they suspended players for involvement in the New Orleans Saints bounty program. The NFL Players Association had challenged the NFL authority to suspend players for their involvement. Of course the Players Association is going to appeal the decision by the arbitrator. And this doesn’t stop Saints line backer Jonathan Vilma from suing Goodell for defamation in a U.S. District Court in New Orleans. Vilma has a lot of time on his hands because he was given a year-long suspension by Goodell.

Now Vilma’s attorney is saying that the so-called ledger shows no indications of a bounty on certain players. So basically they are saying that although there was a list with names, those don’t indicate a bounty. There argument is that these players just really wanted to keep track of who they were hitting in games and put money on it but that’s not a bounty program. Can you say stretching?

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Saints’ Vilma Gets a Long Vacation

2 May

We all knew the day would come when the NFL suspended players involved in the New Orleans Saint’s bounty program. It was just announced that four players have been handed suspensions. Jonathan Vilma linebacker for the Saints will be for the entire 2012 season. Everyone knew Vilma was a potential target for suspension because he was named in a memo about the investigation back in March. Apparently Vilma personally offered up $10,000 to knock out than Viking QB, Brett Favre. This whole bounty program was totally not worth it because now Vilma is going to lose $2.6 million for missing the season. Vilma can appeal his sentencing but I think we all saw how well that went for Saints coach Sean Payton.

Saints coach Payton was also banned for the entire season and lost his appeal. At least Payton will have some company now. Maybe they can take a trip together. I hear Hawaii is nice.

The only other current Saints player that was effected was defensive end Will Smith(it must suck to have his name) who will miss four games. Now a defensive end for the Green Bay Packers, Anthony Hargrove, was handed an 8 game suspension. That a major bummer for the Packers who literally just signed Hargrove back in March. Lastly Cleveland Browns’ linebacker, Scott Fujita, was suspended for three games.


Dorrell on Paid Leave!?!

13 Apr

Let me get this straight coach Bobby Petrino gets fired for having a consensual affair with Jessica Dorrell but she gets put on paid leave? Am I the only person who finds this to be wrong. We now know that Dorrell slept her way into a $55,000 a year gig with the football team. I think on those grounds alone she should be fired. Not only that put she is getting paid leave for a job that she just started on March 28th. Her job is to work with recruits and plan visits, etc. I can’t imagine too many mom’s of football players wanted their sons to be dealing with Petrino’s former mistress. Can someone explain why she hasn’t been fired?

When accepting the job Dorrell signed a letter that help her accountable to the rules and ethics of the University, can you see the irony? We also learned today that Petrino is not appealing his firing, meaning he is not going after the $18 million he would have made if he continued out his contract. I am not shocked by this seeing as how they have a rock solid case for firing him.

Bountygate Continues

11 Apr

Lesson to be learned in life, if you are going to run an illegal bounty program than you should probably keep anyone who knows happy. New Orleans filmmaker and author Alan Donnes revealed that the source of leak on bounty gate came from former defensive quality control coach Mike Cerullo. Apparently Cerullo was having some trouble finding NFL work and realized that maybe he was getting less than stellar recommendations from Sean Payton and Gregg Williams. Cerullo, now at the UConn football, declined to comment. I don’t blame Cerullo for not wanting credit, Williams said some pretty intense stuff in that released speech.

Of course Cerullo is getting the last laugh with Williams being banned forever indefinitely. And Saint’s coach Payton getting banned for a year. The ban was help up not ironically by the same guy who issued it commissioner Roger Goodell. I am proud of Goodell for sticking with his original decision. Although I am still not sure if they proved any of the hits in the bounty program were actually illegal hits? Is it the motivation to hit someone that matters in football because I am pretty sure it is always money- bounty money or contract money? Regardless now the debate begins of who will be coaching the Saints. I hear Bobby Petrino is available and you can get him on the cheap.

Gregg Williams Caught on Tape

6 Apr

Gregg Williams has apparently learned nothing from reality television. Never say anything  incriminating around a rolling camera. Williams, the former New Orleans’ Saints defensive coordinator, was caught on tape by a documentary filmmaker saying some pretty dirty stuff. The best part of the story is that when Williams made the statements the investigation into the bounty program had already begun. And I thought it couldn’t get any worse than all the extremely angry looking photos of Williams that are everywhere, I mean really has anyone seen him smile?

It is suspected that the bounty program originated with Williamshunger games defensive strategy but still Saints coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year from the Saints over the scandal. Payton appealed his sentencing today with league commissioner Roger Goodell. Of course not even Williams has the balls to appeal his indefinite ban. I am not sure what a typical defensive coordinator speech should sound like because let’s face it football is a game where guys ram into one another but something tells me these quotes are a little off.

Here are my favorite Williams’ Quotes:

1. “Kill the head, the body will die.” (Apparently his favorite phrase. The head being the QB)

2. “We’re gonna swarm. We’re gonna dominate the line of scrimmage. And we’re gonna kill the [expletive] head. Every single one of you, before you get off the pile, affect the head … continue to touch and affect the head.” (This is in reference to 49ers’ Alex Smith and is kind of pornographic towards the end, “continue to touch and affect the head,” is that just me?)

3. “We need to find out in the first two series of the game, the little wide receiver, No. 10, about his concussion. We need to [expletive] put a lick on him, move him to decide. He needs to decide.” This is in reference to 49er Kyle Williams who had previously suffered concussions. What is the decision in this question, to have a concussion or not?