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Umm Thanks I’m Good

29 Aug

Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman received an interesting proposal while signing autographs at an L.A. Office Depot. A fan asked for her hand in marriage using a ring pop. The man even got on one knee. Raisman of course said no but did take the ring pop. She also gave the fan a picture.  Can’t blame the guy for trying. It will definitely make for a good story later.

If this happens to Raisman at age 18 I can only imagine what happens to Ryan Lochte. He’s of marrying age too.



Poor Jordyn Wieber

29 Jul

I think it is easy to forget how much pressure Olympic athletes are under. The story of 17 year-old Jordyn Wieber is the perfect example of this. She came in as an Olympic favorite and the new face of USA gymnastics. Wieber is the reigning all-around world champion and was expected to easily move onto the Olympic all-around finals. But alas she failed to get a high enough score to move on. In fact it was the lowest score she had ever gotten.  And she was beaten by her BFF and roommate Aly Raisman. Raisman came in first with a score of 60.391 points, right behind her was Gabby Douglas with 0.126 less, and lastly Wieber scored  0.359 points behind. It is crazy when you think she just lost out by 0.359 points. But there can only be two finalist from each country.

Now she must pull it together to participate for team gold. Losses like this are truly devastating to athletes who depend on winning to make money from sponsors. Just look at Michael Phelps. Subway wouldn’t want to be in business with him if he were the second place finisher.