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Petrino Text Champion

12 Apr

Thanks to the good old Freedom of Information Act we now know how long the former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino and his lady mistress Jessica Dorrell have been in communication. The two have exchanged more than 4,300 text messages and 300 phones call over a seven month period. Apparently they communicated after the motorcycle accident, which must have been the break-up since Petrino claimed it was a “previous inappropriate relationship” to the press at the same time. The day their relationship was made public they talked 11 times. He talked to Dorrell more than his agent on the day the police report was made public. Petrino used his business cell phone to talk to her.  Can you blame him its paid for by the school and he racked up a substantial bill.

In the records it says that they texted 91 times in one day. It also reported that they texted 84 times in a five-hour period another day.  Some of the messages were picture images, but no one has their hands on them yet. As we all know all cell phone sexting photos come out eventually whether anyone wants to see them or not.

Things that come to mind when I read about the texting are the following:

1. What are they talking about in 91 text? Not even I have that active of an imagination. If I did have to think of something it would be some mixture of football and foreplay.

2. When did Petrino have time to coach if he was texting all the time? On the day that Arkansas beat Troy they exchanged 70 texts.

3. How did no one notice that either Dorrell or Petrino were cheating when they were constantly texting one another? It proves something I have long believed, if you really love me then hand over your phone.

4. What carrier does Dorrell have because she must have an awesome phone plan?


The Good Old Morality Clause

8 Apr

The case of Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino keeps getting more interesting progressing. If you have been under a rock and haven’t heard: Petrino was caught when joy riding went wrong with a hot young new hire Jessica Dorrell. Even though Petrino was in a great amount of pain from the crash, with broken ribs, he did not want anyone to call 911. Petrino knew that both his marriage and job would be at risk if there was a 911 report including Dorrell’s name. And of course that is exactly what happened when the information came out. Petrino admitted that he was trying protect a “previous inappropriate relationship” and when he says previous he means five minutes ago. I actually expected a better excuse out of Petrino could he had not just lied further and said he was just giving her a ride home? (No double meaning meant by ride home.)  Then Mrs. Petrino could take a beat from Mrs. Clinton and come out in a stylish headband claiming Petrino would never sleep around. I mean the rule of this game is deny, deny, deny. The man broke his ribs and didn’t want an ambulance but he can’t come up with a cover-up?

When Petrino signed his very expensive $3.5 million a year contract with Arkansas he also signed a morality clause. The morality clause gives the school the ability to fire Petrino for doing something like sleeping with an employee. The question is how badly has this incident damaged Arkansas reputation enough to give up Petrino? The school says it is waiting for the public to forget still conducting it’s investigation. Petrino has put Arkansas football back on the map and giving that up is going to mean a loss of alumni dollars. I expect they will ride out the media storm and reinstate Petrino just in time for the fall.