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My First Fantasy Football Draft

27 Aug

You may have noticed I was missing in action yesterday. My absence was in part because of recovering from a night of drunk debauchery but also because I was preparing for my first ever Fantasy Football Draft. Like any good student I had waited till the last-minute to study. A guy friend, who has mastered fantasy gave me this advice:

1. Draft Philadelphia Eagles’ running back LeSean McCoy first. I was pick number 4, McCoy went as number 2 in our draft. So  I failed at that one.

2. Make sure to get the San Francisco 49ers as your Defense Strategy. It took me about half-way through the draft to figure out how to pick at team for defense strategy so I failed at one and evened up with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3. Whatever you do don’t draft Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo. Okay this one I definitely didn’t do. I instead went with Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick.

My grade so far would definitely be an C.

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Ryan Lochte Messes Up Playing Himself

16 Aug

Oh Ryan Lochte you are so hot that I don’t think it matters. Recently Lochte shot a cameo on “90210” as himself. And how did it go . . . well it could have been better. Lochte said, “It was my first acting gig and I was a little nervous going on set. I kind of messed up my lines the first couple of takes, but after talking with the cast and them helping me out, I started nailing it towards the end and it felt normal.”

At least he is getting the hang out it. And don’t worry he will be shirtless the whole time so I don’t think anyone will be focusing on his line delivery. The episode will not air until October 29 on the CW at 9:00pm. (And no you can’t set you DVR that far in the future, I checked.) He is really living it up in Hollywood even taking time to pee in a pool with Joan Rivers on Fashion Police.

Rumor has it that Lochte is moving to LA to focus on a unknown reality show and fashion line. I will keep my eyes open.


The Reality Show I Can’t Wait For

14 Aug

We all know how much everyone loves or loves to hate on swimmer Ryan Lochte. As it turns out that is the perfect combination needed for a reality star. For evidence consider how many Kardashian love/haters there are in the world. Lochte has been offered to star in three different reality shows. Although nothing is confirmed I can only hope that his mother is a major part of the show. Any mom who is willing to openly express her son’s love for a one-night stand is perfect for reality stardom.

Lochte has already expressed his willingness to go on “Dancing with the Stars”. Michael Phelps has also expressed interested in the show. Leaving the media to salivate over the idea of another Phelps/Lochte showdown. While Phelps has all the time in the world to work on reality television Lochte is still training for the Olympics in Rio 2016. So I can only imagine any show about Lochte’s life is going to involve a lot of time in the pool. Lochte needs to keep swimming to keep his sponsors happy. Fortune Magazine estimates that Lochte will be making $2.3 million in endorsements this year.


But with Lochte incredible hotness . . . I think I could watch him do almost anything well except for peeing in the pool. This is just nasty.


Durant Propels Team USA to Gold

12 Aug

Congrats Team USA. We knew you could do it.



Team USA are champions of the world once again as they defeated Spain 107-100 to win their second straight Olympic gold medal.

With the world as his stage, Kevin Durant shined the brightest for the U.S. and carried them to victory with a 30 point, 9 rebound performance. Lebron James scored 19 points and Kobe Bryant added 17 in the win. Pau Gasol was Spain’s high point man with 23 points.






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Shit NEVER Said During the Olympics

10 Aug

So funny. But as an American I really needed the subtitles.


The Greatest Athletes in the World

9 Aug

While Usain Bolt was prancing around proclaiming himself to be the best athlete in the world . . . Ashton Eaton and Trey Hardee were busy getting medals for actually being the world’s greatest athletes. For the first time in 56 years the US has won gold and silver in the decathlon. Eaton took home the gold with 8,869 points. Hardee (one of the hottest Olympians) finished second with 8,671 points. The points are accumulated over 10 events over two days. The events include: 100 meters, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters, 110 meter hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw, and 1500 meters.
This is the first medal for 24-year old Eaton who got the Olympic record in the trials with a score of 9,039 points. Hardee was more than happy to get silver after fouling out in the pole vault in Beijing. It was a truly great accomplishment for both men.




Usain Bolt Fastest Man, Fastest Insult

9 Aug

Usain Bolt made history tonight today in London by becoming the first man in history to win gold medals in the 100 and 200 meter races at consecutive Olympics. He crossed the 200-meter finish line at 19.32 seconds. Fellow Jamaican Yohan Blake came in right behind him at 19.44 seconds for the silver. Then another Jamaican Warren Weir came in at 19.84 seconds for the bronze. When Bolt crossed the finish line he put his finger to his lips and asked for silence so everyone could observe his greatness. Bolt said. “I was just telling them: You can stop talking now, because I am a legend.”

And it seems now that he’s a legend he feels like he can insult other legends. When Carl Lewis(he won back to back 100-meter races in the Olympics) was mentioned in the press conference Bolt quickly put him down. “Carl Lewis, I have no respect for him. The things he says about the track athletes are very downgrading. I think he’s just looking for attention because nobody really talks about him. I’ve lost all respect for him. All respect.”

Bolt was not happy that Lewis had questioned whether Bolt had used drugs to enhance his speed during the Beijing Olympics. But regardless Lewis has 9 Olympic Gold medals, Bolt has 5. I think the medals speak for themselves. Regardless shouldn’t these games be about promoting all athletes not putting them down?




Can’t We Just Be Happy for Him

9 Aug

Since I write about sports I read a lot of sports news. And recently there has been a big buzz over Michael Phelps’ new girlfriend. If you haven’t heard she is a model/actress/bartender from LA named Megan Rossee. They met at the nightclub where Rossee works in Hollywood- Blok. I live in LA but have never been to Blok but apparently it is trendy. The two have been together since January. But things have been heating up because she has been at the Olympics with him cheering him on.

All of this sounds pretty normal and nice. But of course the media is all over it. They are now starting rumors that she is gold digger and just wants Phelps for fame. Now I think if I were Phelps I would be incredibly offended by all of this. I mean we all know that Phelps is not the hottest swimmer(I mean have you seen Ryan Lochte) but that doesn’t mean women don’t find him attractive. Implying that Rossee just wants Phelps for his fame and money is like saying, “You are ugly dude.”

Not only that but I think we have all seen enough of Phelps’ mother, Debbie, to know that that woman could probably sniff a gold digger from miles away. And she would have none of that.

If Phelps wants to date models that is his right. He has earned it by becoming a huge celebrity. What is the point of making tons of money and being the face of swimming if you don’t get to date models? If I were Phelps I would be dating lots of models.

And lastly media don’t you know by giving this girl lots of attention you are doing exactly what you are accusing her of. You are giving her the spotlight because she is with Phelps. Which then feeds into this master plan you think she has. Oh the irony.



Spoiler Alert: Don’t Worry He’s Still In It

9 Aug

The inspiring hotness of Oscar Pistorius is not done with the Olympics yet. It was a close call for the 4×400 South African relay team that almost didn’t make the cut. During the semifinal heat on Thursday morning the team’s second runner, Ofentse Mogawane, ran into Vince Mumo Kiilu of Kenya on the final turn. Mogawane than tumbled to the track. Mogawane dislocated his shoulder during the fall. Which confirms my fears about racers running so close together.

The refs ended up disqualifying the Kenyan team saying that Kiilu caused the fall by cutting off Mogawane. Even though Kiilu claimed he had been spiked by Mogawane. Usually teams that don’t finish the heat can’t qualify but after an appeal the South African team is being allowed to compete.

And we can all celebrate that we will once again get to see Pistorius run in the Olympics. I know what I’ll be doing Friday night now.



Too Dirty For the Olympics

8 Aug

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If you are not careful at the Olympic photographers may catch you at an awkward moment. Here are my favorite photos displaying the kinkier side of the Olympics.