Preseason Death Match: Luck VS RGIII

25 Aug

If you missed all the insane hype the Washington Redskins took on the Indianapolis Colts today. It was the battle of the rookies quarterback between Colts’ Andrew Luck and Redskins’ Robert Griffin III(RGIII). There were t-shirts being sold ”QB Showdown.” It was basically the most exciting thing to happen in the preseason thus far. It ended with the Redskins winning, 30-17. So how did the boy wonder quarterbacks do? Both quarterbacks played into the third quarter. Luck completed 14 of 23 passes for 151 yards. He also threw a touchdown that was carried by rookie T.Y Hilton. Meanwhile Griffin completed 11 of 17 passes for 74 yards and had a touchdown. In terms of being sacked(tackled by a large man) Luck was sacked twice and Griffin managed to evade sacking entirely.

Both rookies performed well but since the Redskins won I guess that means Griffin wins this battle. Despite the fact that Luck had a better QB rating and more yards.  While everyone else was focusing on Luck and Griffin, another rookie was stealing the spotlight. Redskins’ running back Alfred Morris ran for 107 yards on 14 carries with a touchdown.

So it was a good game as good as you can expect from the preseason.







Serena is Smokin

24 Aug

Seriously Serena Williams looked amazing at her appearance the other night on Letterman. She deserves to look pretty before the US Open starts on Sunday and she has to spend her days sweaty. If you were curious her shoes are Christian Louboutins that cost $4,000. It pays to be good.


Lance Armstrong Losing Everything

23 Aug

If you have been following Lance Armstrong originally appealed the USADA(Unites States Anti-Doping Agency which is a non-profit organization that receives partial funding from the federal government) right to investigate doping allegations but the case was thrown out. Armstrong was expected to appeal the decision. Instead Armstrong has decided not to fight anymore. This means he will lose all 7 of his Tour de France wins. He was also be hit with a life-time ban from cycling, which he retired from a year ago. And I guess we can no longer consider him the greatest cyclist of all time.

When asked for comment Armstrong said,”I have been dealing with claims that I cheated and had an unfair advantage in winning my seven Tours since 1999. The toll this has taken on my family and my work for our foundation and on me leads me to where I am today – finished with this nonsense.” Regardless of what you think of Armstrong doping you have to be sad for his foundation Livestrong which helps survivors of cancer. I’m sure it will be harder for them to raise money after this.

Armstrong has been accused by several former teammates of taking oral testosterone(yeah that’s everybody’s favorite recently). To cover-up for using the banned substance it is said that Armstrong received blood transfusions(aka. blood doping). He was also accused of supplying other teammates with drugs. This is despite passing nearly 500 doping test. He also survived a Federal investigation earlier this year for doping.

This once raises the issue of doping in sports. Even the teammates accusing Armstrong of doping were all suspended at one point for doping. If you look at the wikipedia page for doping cases in cycling it is incredibly long. ( All the major cyclist have been accused of doping at one point in their careers.

I think it is time that we have the debate about how much of an edge do steroids give athletes. If we gave everyone the same steroids would they all perform the same? How much of them winning is the extra edge and how much is natural? I can tell you that even if an average dude took the same steroids that Armstrong is accused of taking they still wouldn’t be able to win the Tour de France.








Vegas Vacation: Lochte + Prince Harry

23 Aug

I haven’t written about swimmer Ryan Lochte in a couple of days and it has left a hotness void in my life. I consider it my duty to web stalk him for women everywhere. Lochte has been taking some time off from swimming lately to enjoy the high life. He’s did a cameo on “90210,” visited the “Tonight Show,” peed in a pool with Joan Rivers, and finally partied in Las Vegas.

I really wish I had been in Vegas since everyone who anyone seemed to be there recently. While at a pool party in Vegas Lochte ran into none other than Prince Harry. I’m surprised they didn’t run into each other in London. To prove that he’s not afraid of urine in a pool Prince Harry challenged Lochte to friendly race. There is no word on who one but I’m guessing it was Lochte. The two then parted ways. Lochte mostly likely went off for a classic one-night stand with one of the millions of bikini girls that he’s been photographed with. Meanwhile Prince Harry proceeded to take those infamous naked pictures. On the “Today Show” Lochte said that he was happy he wasn’t invited to Prince Harry’s naked party. I guess being a part of a royal scandal was not on his to do list.


Big Surprise More Doping in Baseball

23 Aug

Yet another baseball player is being suspended for the use of synthetic testosterone. This time it is Oakland’s Athletics’ pitcher Bartolo Colon. He will join his fellow teammate Melky Cabrera with a 50-game suspension. Colon will definitely be missed by the As he was a solid starter who over 24 starts had an 3.43 ERA(earned run average, Jered Weaver has the top ERA currently at 2.29).

Synthetic testosterone is popular because of its ability to leave your system within 6 to 8 hours. It also if used in small doses will not elevate testosterone to an alarming level. Despite the obvious popularity of this steroid and former drug pusher Victor Conte pointing out the lack of adequate testing by the MLB changed little.. The MLB has said that they are now exploring anyone who has slightly high testosterone on any test not just the one specifically destined to test for synthetic testosterone. And maybe it’s working they caught Colon. But the MLB is delusion if they think only these two players were engaging in this activity. But there defense is that they cannot afford to test everyone as much as they would like. If they could how many players would be left standing?


NBA Rumors: Sacramento Kings Potential Relocation Could be Virginia Beach, Arena Deal Reportedly in the Works

23 Aug

I am totally shocked. What happened to the OC?

Sports Star on Live With Kelly

22 Aug

Congrats are in order to former NFL star Michael Strahan who will most likely join Kelly Rippa on “Live with Kelly.” If he looks familiar it because he already host “Fox NFL Sunday.” In his football career Strahan was a defensive end for the New York Giants. He helped the Giants win the Super Bowl back in 2008. He was up against other celebrities Josh Groban and Nick Lachey.

Interesting facts about Strahan:

1. He’s engaged to Nicole Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s ex wife. He was previously married twice and has four kids.

2. He briefly started on the short lived show “Brothers” on Fox.

3. He is famous for the gap in his teeth.

4. He supports gay marriage.

5. He’s an army brat who was raised on a military base in Germany.

So this is an interesting pick for the show. I guess they want more male viewers. And don’t worry even if Strahan gets the job he’s not quitting “Fox NFL Sunday.”


LeBon X: The Most Expensive Shoes

21 Aug

Nike is releasing a new LeBron James shoe, LeBron X, the newest from the most expensive shoe line ever. Already Nike had released the LeBron South Beach 9 which began retailing at $250. The LeBron X is expected to retail at $315 making the Southbeach shoe look more like a bargain. So what could possibly make a shoe worth over $300? Aside from the fact that LeBron wore them while winning Gold at the Olympics this summer, which let’s face it he probably could have done wearing Jordon’s from the 90’s.

The LeBron X is not just a shoe but a vertical leap tracker. Yes it is equipped with Nike+ motion sensors that can track your jumping. Aside from professional basketball players I can’t see why you would need this. It has all the same perks shoe construction perks of a normal LeBron 9 shoe. Oh yeah and the sole lights up so you can match little kids with their light-up sneakers. I have always wondered if adults could pull off light up shoes.

You better move quickly because Nike is only going to make 50,000 of these shoes. For those of you who are pinching pennies you can pick up a pair minus the vertical leap technology for $180.


The Mystery of Junior Seau

21 Aug

The autopsy for football player Junior Seau was released and found that the player had no alcohol or illicit drugs in his system. They also did not find evidence of brain damage, which could have been caused by his many years of being knocked into on the field. There was speculation that brain damage might have been involved in his suicide.His family has given parts of his brain over to the National institute of Health for further examination. Seau was only 43 when he was found dead in his home by his girlfriend with a bullet in his chest.

No one in his life had any indication that he was suicidal. Some people thought that Seau had tried to commit suicide before in 2010 when he drove his car down a cliff but Seau had denied that claim. So it remains a mystery why Seau would want to end his life so soon.


The Hits Keep Coming on Vick

21 Aug

Regular football season hasn’t even started and already Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Michael Vick has had two hits and left the games after only 6 plays. In the first game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Vick left due to a thumb injury which after X-rays ended up being fine. Than on Monday night he was knocked to the ground by New England Patriots’ Jermaine Cunningham. Another X-ray was done on Vick’s ribs but found nothing broken. It is unlikely that Vick will play anymore in the preseason but is expected to recover in time for regular season.

It is clear that there are still a lot of Vick haters out there for his illegal dog fighting practices for which he served time in jail. I’m not sure what I think about reform but for what it’s worth Vick has lobbied for tougher dog fighting laws since he suspension. So maybe he is a changed man . . . regardless he is still a good quarterback. And without him the Eagles would be screwed.