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Umm Thanks I’m Good

29 Aug

Team USA gymnast Aly Raisman received an interesting proposal while signing autographs at an L.A. Office Depot. A fan asked for her hand in marriage using a ring pop. The man even got on one knee. Raisman of course said no but did take the ring pop. She also gave the fan a picture.  Can’t blame the guy for trying. It will definitely make for a good story later.

If this happens to Raisman at age 18 I can only imagine what happens to Ryan Lochte. He’s of marrying age too.



Vegas Vacation: Lochte + Prince Harry

23 Aug

I haven’t written about swimmer Ryan Lochte in a couple of days and it has left a hotness void in my life. I consider it my duty to web stalk him for women everywhere. Lochte has been taking some time off from swimming lately to enjoy the high life. He’s did a cameo on “90210,” visited the “Tonight Show,” peed in a pool with Joan Rivers, and finally partied in Las Vegas.

I really wish I had been in Vegas since everyone who anyone seemed to be there recently. While at a pool party in Vegas Lochte ran into none other than Prince Harry. I’m surprised they didn’t run into each other in London. To prove that he’s not afraid of urine in a pool Prince Harry challenged Lochte to friendly race. There is no word on who one but I’m guessing it was Lochte. The two then parted ways. Lochte mostly likely went off for a classic one-night stand with one of the millions of bikini girls that he’s been photographed with. Meanwhile Prince Harry proceeded to take those infamous naked pictures. On the “Today Show” Lochte said that he was happy he wasn’t invited to Prince Harry’s naked party. I guess being a part of a royal scandal was not on his to do list.


No One is Taking Phelps’ Medals

17 Aug

The somewhat disturbing sexy photos of Michael Phelps posing for his Louis Vuitton ad campaign might get him in trouble with the International Olympic Committee. Apparently they have some rule which prohibits athletes from participating in advertising(unless it’s an Olympic sponsor) from July 18 to August 15. The Annie Leibovitz photos were leaked to the Daily Mail on August 13th. If you violate the rule the IOC can charge you financial penalties and disqualify you from participating in the games. The disqualification can come after you have already won and would take away your winnings.

If I were an Olympic athlete I would be pissed about this rule. Especially if you are in a sport like gymnastics which only gets attention every four years. It is crucial for these athletes to line-up deals and promote themselves while they are still relevant. The IOC forbidding them for making gains after the Olympics is completely absurd. And to even go as far as removing someone’s medal for participating in an AD campaign is ludicrous.

Regardless I am sure that not even the IOC wants to touch golden boy Phelps. He is practically the Olympic mascot. Not only that but he had nothing to do with the leaking of the photos.


Demps Running for a Reason

17 Aug

Track runner Jeff Demps will finally have a reason to run.  . . being chased by football players. The Olympic athlete helped Team USA take home silver in the 400-meter relay. Now rumor has it he will sign with the New England Patriots. There was a lot of interest in Demps who was previously undrafted while training for the Olympics. But instead of entering Tebowmania, Demps has opted to settle with the Patriots.

Demps is no stranger to football he a running back(the dude who takes the ball from the quarterback and runs with it) for the University of Florida for 12 games where he rushed for 569 yards and had 6 touchdowns. This is a really great addition to the Patriots’ line-up. Tim Tebow tried to get Demps, his former teammate, to consider the New York Jets but I guess he decided he would rather play for a better team. Now Demps will face Tebow on the field.

I always wondered why more Olympic athletes don’t put their skills to use in sports that actually make money. Usain Bolt is also rumored to be trying out for Manchester United but I don’t really see that going anywhere.




Ryan Lochte Messes Up Playing Himself

16 Aug

Oh Ryan Lochte you are so hot that I don’t think it matters. Recently Lochte shot a cameo on “90210” as himself. And how did it go . . . well it could have been better. Lochte said, “It was my first acting gig and I was a little nervous going on set. I kind of messed up my lines the first couple of takes, but after talking with the cast and them helping me out, I started nailing it towards the end and it felt normal.”

At least he is getting the hang out it. And don’t worry he will be shirtless the whole time so I don’t think anyone will be focusing on his line delivery. The episode will not air until October 29 on the CW at 9:00pm. (And no you can’t set you DVR that far in the future, I checked.) He is really living it up in Hollywood even taking time to pee in a pool with Joan Rivers on Fashion Police.

Rumor has it that Lochte is moving to LA to focus on a unknown reality show and fashion line. I will keep my eyes open.


Does This Work For You?

15 Aug

Olympic legend Michael Phelps is modeling in new ads for Louis Vuitton shot by famous photographer/the only photographer people know anymore Annie Leibovitz. I think there are a lot of things that Phelps is good at but I’m not sure modeling is one of them. What do you think?

The Reality Show I Can’t Wait For

14 Aug

We all know how much everyone loves or loves to hate on swimmer Ryan Lochte. As it turns out that is the perfect combination needed for a reality star. For evidence consider how many Kardashian love/haters there are in the world. Lochte has been offered to star in three different reality shows. Although nothing is confirmed I can only hope that his mother is a major part of the show. Any mom who is willing to openly express her son’s love for a one-night stand is perfect for reality stardom.

Lochte has already expressed his willingness to go on “Dancing with the Stars”. Michael Phelps has also expressed interested in the show. Leaving the media to salivate over the idea of another Phelps/Lochte showdown. While Phelps has all the time in the world to work on reality television Lochte is still training for the Olympics in Rio 2016. So I can only imagine any show about Lochte’s life is going to involve a lot of time in the pool. Lochte needs to keep swimming to keep his sponsors happy. Fortune Magazine estimates that Lochte will be making $2.3 million in endorsements this year.


But with Lochte incredible hotness . . . I think I could watch him do almost anything well except for peeing in the pool. This is just nasty.


USA Still Golden

13 Aug

The Olympics have come to an end. And although I will not miss my daily does of water polo and Subways constant avocado promotions, I am sad to seem them go. The Olympics remind us of how truly amazing the human body is and what we can overcome to achieve. And what better way to pump up our egos than celebrating the fact that the US took home more gold medals than any other country. So let’s take a moment and enjoy our gold before we are forced to hand it over to China.

  1. United States, 104 (46 gold, 29 silver, 29 bronze)
  2. China, 87 (38, 27, 22)
  3. Russia, 82 (24, 25, 33)
  4. Great Britain, 65 (29, 17, 19)
  5. Germany, 44 (11, 19, 14)


Durant Propels Team USA to Gold

12 Aug

Congrats Team USA. We knew you could do it.



Team USA are champions of the world once again as they defeated Spain 107-100 to win their second straight Olympic gold medal.

With the world as his stage, Kevin Durant shined the brightest for the U.S. and carried them to victory with a 30 point, 9 rebound performance. Lebron James scored 19 points and Kobe Bryant added 17 in the win. Pau Gasol was Spain’s high point man with 23 points.






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Shit NEVER Said During the Olympics

10 Aug

So funny. But as an American I really needed the subtitles.