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Serena is Smokin

24 Aug

Seriously Serena Williams looked amazing at her appearance the other night on Letterman. She deserves to look pretty before the US Open starts on Sunday and she has to spend her days sweaty. If you were curious her shoes are Christian Louboutins that cost $4,000. It pays to be good.



LeBon X: The Most Expensive Shoes

21 Aug

Nike is releasing a new LeBron James shoe, LeBron X, the newest from the most expensive shoe line ever. Already Nike had released the LeBron South Beach 9 which began retailing at $250. The LeBron X is expected to retail at $315 making the Southbeach shoe look more like a bargain. So what could possibly make a shoe worth over $300? Aside from the fact that LeBron wore them while winning Gold at the Olympics this summer, which let’s face it he probably could have done wearing Jordon’s from the 90’s.

The LeBron X is not just a shoe but a vertical leap tracker. Yes it is equipped with Nike+ motion sensors that can track your jumping. Aside from professional basketball players I can’t see why you would need this. It has all the same perks shoe construction perks of a normal LeBron 9 shoe. Oh yeah and the sole lights up so you can match little kids with their light-up sneakers. I have always wondered if adults could pull off light up shoes.

You better move quickly because Nike is only going to make 50,000 of these shoes. For those of you who are pinching pennies you can pick up a pair minus the vertical leap technology for $180.


Olympic Fashion No-No

2 Aug

I love to watch gymnastics as much as the next person. I accept that the gymnast will be wearing skin tight bedazzled spandex but what I cannot accept is the scrunchies. Yes the cloth covered hair accessories have some how never gone out of style in the rest of the world. Team USA knows better and keeps it clean and simple with a hair tie. And since the Americans just kicked butt I think this should give other gymnast cause to ditch their scrunchies.


ESPYs Fashion Rundown

12 Jul

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Forget the Hollywood celebs at the 2012 ESPYs the real stars are the athletes. The ESPY are the awards presented by the ESPN for excellence in sports and is voted by you(or the actual people who voted). The big winner of the night was LeBron James who won 3 awards. He didn’t have time accept the awards because he is training in Las Vegas for the Olympics. But don’t worry lots of other celeb athletes strutted their stuff on the red carpet.


Who Started This Trend?

20 Jun

Long gone is the day when basketball players show-up to press conferences with a baseball hat and a chain around their necks. It is no longer cool . . . instead they show up with crazy outfits. It is has gotten so bad that I feel like we spend more time talking about what they are wearing or not wearing in the case of lens less glasses, that we aren’t talking about the game as much. It’s gotten to the point where kids in Miami are imitating the stars by stealing 3-D glasses and popping the lens out to look cool.

So who do we blame for this trend? Actually David Stern. Back in 2005 Stern decided he had enough of the bad boy image and implemented a dress code. The code is worse than a club on a Saturday: no baggy jeans, baseball caps, chains, basically anything relating to hip-hop culture. So the players had to find a new way to look fashionable, the obvious choice was nerd chic. Yes the 90’s nerd came back but this time as a hipster.

And I have to say I miss bad boy days, the whole nerd thing just isn’t doing it for me.




Pump it Up for the Finals

19 Jun

I am totally in love with this website Herstar. They have sports themed pumps. And I have to say I’m not a Oklahoma City Thunder fan but I definitely feeling these shoes. The site has special edition pumps for the final four teams, which makes me even madder that the Lakers couldn’t make it that far. They still have Lakers pumps but not as bedazzled. I think as a girl it is hard to express your fandom without looking like a boy so I’m all for some sports themed pumps. You can pick a special edition pair for $274.99 (so just slightly more than the LeBron South Beach shoes but at least these sparkle).

Check it out:


What If I Want Shackles on My Shoes?

18 Jun

I am sad happy to say that the latest trend from Adidas, sneakers with shackles, has been cancelled before they could even be released. Apparently the shoes reminds people of slavery. Personally they remind me of 1940’s prison yard workers but I can see the slavery thing too. The shoes originally were supposed by a reboot of high tops designed by Jeremy Scott. If you don’t know Scott by name then surely you’ll remember him as the guy who designed Brittney Spears elastic outfit in her Toxic video. The shoe didn’t get any buzz until the company started promoting them on Facebook. At which point the JS Roundhouse Mid became known as the slavery shoe.

The promotion line for the shoe was, “a sneaker game so hot you lock your kicks to your ankles.” So does that mean the shackles double as an anti-theft system?


Finally A Shoe for South Beach

2 Jun

In case you didn’t mark you calendars for this- the LeBron South Beach 9 shoe was released today. Yes the shoe I am still claiming seems a little girly metro for men has finally been released. I guess if Dwayne Wade is going to sport hot pink pants than LeBron James can released a shoe with pink laces. If you are not broke after spending $250 on the shoes than you can also buy the matching t-shirt that says, “I keep the heat on my feet.”

In honor of this very reasonably priced shoe I have made a list of things you could have bought with the $250.

1. 2 tickets to actually watch the Heat/Celtics play. Depending on your seats you could also through in some popcorn and beer.

2. A plane ticket to South Beach.

3. 2 and half pairs of Lebron 9 regular edition shoes.

4. A bluray player.

5. 2 Xbox Kinects.

I wonder if these shoes cost more because they have the word elite in the title. Can I charge more for stuff if I just call them elite?


It’s Called a Belt, Use One

31 May

Apparently the invention of the belt has not made it some communities. For those of you who are confused a belt is a device used to keep loose pants from falling down. In the case of the man in this video we would really have liked it if he had purchased a belt. The man was catching a foul ball hit by Rays’ catcher José Molina. He exerted very little effort before his pants fell down, which leads us to wonder what was he doing before hand? Did he eat to much and have them open or was he a secret streaker?


Horrible styles in women’s tennis

30 May

I thought tennis was a classy sport? What has happened?

Oh it runs backwards!

OIRB was never meant to be a fashion critic blog. But watching the French Tennis Open this weekend, I just so happened to catch a glimpse of a certain Bethanie Mattek Sands’ match against something something Lisicki. And it was mesmerizing.

Bethanie is American, ranked 170 in the WTA. However, in our horrible tennis style ranking, she is an obvious number 1. Or is she? Here is our top 5 horrible tennis styles.

5. Serena Williams

The motorcycle / hells angels from outer-space  look, by Serena Williams. Good enough to make number 5.

I especially like the leather shin guards.

4. Maria Sharapova

The mermaid-look was a long shot, even for Maria.

Obviosuly, Nike recently hired the people who did Jenifer Lopez’s provocative Versace rainforest dress at the oscars back in 2000. 

The question left unanswered here is: how can you be so pretty and look so bad?

3. King Joffrey

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