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Burning Offer Letters Doesn’t Make You Cool

15 Jun

There has been a trend lately in college sports of burning offer letters from rival schools and posting the pictures on Twitter. It started with Michigan commit Logan Tuley-Tillman who burned his offer from Ohio State. After posting the pictures on twitter Tillman received several death threats from Ohio fans. Things even got as bad as Tillman’s mom getting nasty messages on Facebook.

So in the end maybe not the best idea to burn you offer letter and post it on Twitter? Of course this has started a trend of burning offer letters. Brigham Young University commit Brayden Kearsley took a picture of him burning his offer letter from Utah.

I want to make it really clear when you burn an offer letter you just look like a jackass. Someone is offering you money to play a sport at their school not insulting you. It’s the equivalent of burning money. Let’s try to stay classy young recruits.



Ward is Back . . . On TV

1 Jun

It was just March 14 that Hines Ward retired from dancing the Pittsburgh Steelers. Everyone was very sad to see him go. Now it seems he will be back in the football world. This time he will be analyst for NBC Sports. You can catch him on NBC’s Football Night In America on Sundays and NBC Sports Network’s college football studio show on Saturdays.


Scholarship Worthy?

1 Jun

Sean Puffy Combs or P. Diddy or Diddy or Puffy or Puff’s son, Justin Combs, has been granted a scholarship to play football at UCLA. Which normally you be saying ‘congrats’? Instead people are saying ‘what the hell.’ The scholarship is worth $54,000 and does not come out of tax payers hard working hands. But still people are outraged that the school is giving a kid a scholarship when his father is worth more than $500 million.

I personally think its great that his son has achieved his own success. What I find stupid is that UCLA thinks that a scholarship is what made him choose their school. Did they also send him a fruit basket? I mean seriously  Justin could have gone anywhere, I don’t think the deciding factor was a measly $54,000 dollar scholarship. Justin got a Maybach worth $360,000 for his 16th birthday, so obviously money is not an issue.

The real way to  rope him they should have been promising him things he can’t buy like playing time, a great team, and a coach he feels comfortable with. I mean really UCLA it was a nice gesture but the fruit basket probably would have had the same effect.


No More Hawg Wild for Petrino

9 May

And you thought nothing else bad could happen to former Arkansas football coach Joe Petrino but his now famous hog(named “Hawg Wild”) is up for sale. This is the very same hog that he crashed while riding with mistress Jessica Dorrell. Apparently, there was $18,481 worth of damage to the bike. The insurance company is selling it through a site called The bike was painted red for Arkansas. I guess it had too many bad memories for Petrino to want to repair it. And personally if I were his wife I would want it gone. For a mere $3,500 you can own it, anyone interested?

PS: I saw in several places that Dorrell had used some of the $20,000 given to her by Petrino on her up coming wedding. There is nothing like your sugar daddy paying for you to marry another man.Wonder how that worked out for her?



A Sex Offender Scared Me

5 May

This story is so random that I am not sure what to think of it. Ohio State football recruit, Alex Anzalone, is leaving the school because a sex offender posted photos of the two together online. Now I know when you first read this you think, dirty photos. No basically this guy, Charles Eric Waugh, found Anzalone during a recruiting trip and asked to have a photo taken with him in a public place. Then Waugh put the pictures up online. Waugh was found guilty of five counts of possession of underage sexual content. Waugh also reached out to Anzalone, other recruits, Ohio State coaches, and athletes online. No one has said what the connect of the messages were. But it must have been pretty intense to make Anzalone give up his slot at Ohio State, who team is shaping up to be pretty good this year.

The school has sent out Waugh’s mug shot to everyone and is taking the necessary precautions. I’m not sure whether Anzalone was scared of a sex offender scandal breaking out because he was in a photo with this guy or if he just wasn’t really feeling Ohio State.


A Real Fighting Irishman

3 May

Notre Dame’s 19-year old quarterback, Tommy Rees, was arrested early this morning after resisting arrest. The whole thing started when the police came to bust up a house party which they described as a “madhouse of people.”(Thanks officers for describing every party in the history of time).

When the police started to break-up the party Rees jumped a fence and ran. I can’t say I blame Rees he had a lot on the line including his starting QB position. This didn’t stop the police from catching up to him. Once the police caught Rees kneed one of the officers in the chest. The police then pepper sprayed him and arrested him.  It must have been a good party because Rees’ blood alcohol level was at a .11. He was arrested along side Norte Dame linebacker Carlo Calabrese who had a BAC of .12.

Rees is being held without bond and it looks like is will no longer be the starting QB for Notre Dame. This is not the first arrest for the Rees family. Tommy’s sister Meghan was arrested back in October for getting drunk and starting a fight during a Notre Dame game in which her brother was playing. Honestly this family needs to either get it together or get a reality show.



$14,000 to Kill a Scandal

19 Apr

Bobby Petrino’s former mistress Jessica Dorrell has stepped down from her position with the University of Arkansas. She worked for about two weeks at the football team’s student-athlete development coordinator. Up until yesterday she had been on paid leave from that position. I want to say that first I was shocked that she didn’t get fired. I am not sure what employee contracts are like at the University but I am sure there must be something in their about not sleeping with your boss ethics.

Now Dorrell is getting $14,000 to basically not disgrace the University any further. I am sorry to say that I think that means she can’t pose for Playboy. Although if that is the case she just gave up a lot of money. I understand that the University would like to move on from this scandal but I think it is a little absurd to not fire her and then pay her. It’s not like University was the one sleeping with her. The good people of Arkansas’ tax money just went to hush up someone’s mistress. I’m sure there is a school somewhere in Arkansas that could used that money better.

Score Card:

University of Arkansas– Lost a coach, bad press, and down $14,000.

Dorrell- Got $20,000 for a car from Petrino, paid leave, and now $14,000. She has roughly made around $40,000 from this arrangement.

Petrino– Lost his job, reputation, family, and  $20,000.

I think we can see who is the clear winner here.


Dorrell on Paid Leave!?!

13 Apr

Let me get this straight coach Bobby Petrino gets fired for having a consensual affair with Jessica Dorrell but she gets put on paid leave? Am I the only person who finds this to be wrong. We now know that Dorrell slept her way into a $55,000 a year gig with the football team. I think on those grounds alone she should be fired. Not only that put she is getting paid leave for a job that she just started on March 28th. Her job is to work with recruits and plan visits, etc. I can’t imagine too many mom’s of football players wanted their sons to be dealing with Petrino’s former mistress. Can someone explain why she hasn’t been fired?

When accepting the job Dorrell signed a letter that help her accountable to the rules and ethics of the University, can you see the irony? We also learned today that Petrino is not appealing his firing, meaning he is not going after the $18 million he would have made if he continued out his contract. I am not shocked by this seeing as how they have a rock solid case for firing him.

Petrino Text Champion

12 Apr

Thanks to the good old Freedom of Information Act we now know how long the former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino and his lady mistress Jessica Dorrell have been in communication. The two have exchanged more than 4,300 text messages and 300 phones call over a seven month period. Apparently they communicated after the motorcycle accident, which must have been the break-up since Petrino claimed it was a “previous inappropriate relationship” to the press at the same time. The day their relationship was made public they talked 11 times. He talked to Dorrell more than his agent on the day the police report was made public. Petrino used his business cell phone to talk to her.  Can you blame him its paid for by the school and he racked up a substantial bill.

In the records it says that they texted 91 times in one day. It also reported that they texted 84 times in a five-hour period another day.  Some of the messages were picture images, but no one has their hands on them yet. As we all know all cell phone sexting photos come out eventually whether anyone wants to see them or not.

Things that come to mind when I read about the texting are the following:

1. What are they talking about in 91 text? Not even I have that active of an imagination. If I did have to think of something it would be some mixture of football and foreplay.

2. When did Petrino have time to coach if he was texting all the time? On the day that Arkansas beat Troy they exchanged 70 texts.

3. How did no one notice that either Dorrell or Petrino were cheating when they were constantly texting one another? It proves something I have long believed, if you really love me then hand over your phone.

4. What carrier does Dorrell have because she must have an awesome phone plan?

Petrino is Gone

11 Apr

Congrats to Arkansas for picking morals over football by firing coach Bobby Petrino. The last we heard they were conducting an investigation into Petrino’s “previous inappropriate” relationship with new hire Jessica Dorrell. Apparently it didn’t take very long for athletic director Jeff Long to discover that Petrino had hired his mistress and then lied about it. It turns out that Dorrell and Petrino had been seeing each other for awhile. They had to have been together for a long time for Petrino to give Dorrell a gift of $20,000. I wonder what excuse he gave to his wife for that one? Perhaps he said it was an engagement gift to Dorrell who was engaged to swim instructor Josh Morgan.

There is no official word on Dorrell and Morgan’s engagement but my suspicion is that it is over. I mean I think finding out your future wife is into not so attractive middle age men, has got to put a hamper on the relationship. Since it is pretty clear Petrino was already involved with Dorrell when he hired her, from a pool of 158 candidates, the school has cause to fire him. That means no money for Petrino. And man is he going to need money to pay future child support and alimony . . . unless his wife is very forgiving.

The real sad part of this story is that the Hogs were so close to a championship. The past two season the Hogs have had a 21-5 record. Let’s hope they can continue on without Petrino.