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The Return of Clemens

27 Aug

And we thought we heard the last of Roger Clemens when he avoided being charge with perjury/doping this Spring. Now the 50-year old pitcher has returned to the mound. Saturday was the first day Clemens pitched for the minor league team the Sugar Land Skeeters(yes their mascot is actually a mosquito).

So how did Clemens do after being out of the game for 5 years? He looked pretty good for an old dude. Clemens threw 37 pitches, allowing one hit and topping out at 88 miles per hour. Although Clemens says he’s currently not interested in pitching in the majors again scouts from the Houston Astros and Kansas City Royals attended the game.

Clemens is on the ballot this year for the Hall of Fame if he decided to return to the pros, that vote would be pushed back 5-years. I think 5-years is good buffer for people to forget about all the doping controversy, that is unless you dope again. And returning to the major leagues at 50 has steroid need written all over it.





Are the Dodgers Making a Big Expensive Mistake?

25 Aug

One of the biggest trades in MLB history happened Friday between the Boston Red Sox and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Red Sox are sending first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, pitcher Josh Beckett, infielder Nick Punto and outfield Carl Crawford in exchange for first baseman James Loney, pitcher Rubby De La Rosa, middle infielder Ivan De Jesus and left fielder Jerry Sands. The Sox also added on $12 million dollars to sweeten the deal.

So who is winning in this massive trade? The Sox are definitely winning. By trading all these players they freed up a quarter of a billion dollars in payroll. It also got rid of a lot of upset players who were not so happy with new manager Bobby Valentine. So instead of fight through it they decided just to trade them. The Sox couldn’t get in worse they are already in last place in AL East so why not make a change?

The Dodgers fate is still unclear. Right now the Dodgers(under new ownership including Magic Johnson) are three games away from first place behind the San Francisco Giants in the NL West. And there is nothing more than a winning team to make new owners happy. A winning team is exactly what the new Dodger owners need to make sure they make their money back in television deals. No one is going to pay big bucks to broadcast a team that sucks. So the Dodgers are hoping the veterans can help them not only play better but establish a new brand.










Big Surprise More Doping in Baseball

23 Aug

Yet another baseball player is being suspended for the use of synthetic testosterone. This time it is Oakland’s Athletics’ pitcher Bartolo Colon. He will join his fellow teammate Melky Cabrera with a 50-game suspension. Colon will definitely be missed by the As he was a solid starter who over 24 starts had an 3.43 ERA(earned run average, Jered Weaver has the top ERA currently at 2.29).

Synthetic testosterone is popular because of its ability to leave your system within 6 to 8 hours. It also if used in small doses will not elevate testosterone to an alarming level. Despite the obvious popularity of this steroid and former drug pusher Victor Conte pointing out the lack of adequate testing by the MLB changed little.. The MLB has said that they are now exploring anyone who has slightly high testosterone on any test not just the one specifically destined to test for synthetic testosterone. And maybe it’s working they caught Colon. But the MLB is delusion if they think only these two players were engaging in this activity. But there defense is that they cannot afford to test everyone as much as they would like. If they could how many players would be left standing?


Oh Silly Rabbit, Don’t You Know Better Than to Create a Fake Website

19 Aug

San Francisco Giants’ Melky Cabrera for tried to fool the MLB into thinking he “accidently” took performance enhancing drugs. Cabrera’s people created a fake website that sells a suspicious supplement with side effects of increasing testosterone. It was their execuse for why Cabrera suddenly had a spike in testosterone. Cabrera paid a consultant, Juan Nunez, to create the site for $10,000. Nunez is now taking the fall for the failed plan.

I can’t say I blame them for trying. I mean after all we are talking about the MLB who still thinks that most of their players are not doping so they are definitely not the brightest crayons in the box. So where did this genius sad plan go wrong? The site only magically appeared during the appeals process. Don’t they know if you are going to launch a cover-up it needs to be way before Cabrera has already been suspended. The MLB maybe be dumb but they are not that dumb.


So Everyone is On Drugs

17 Aug

I’m always amazing that out of all the sports, baseball is the one in the spotlight for steroid use. I understand it takes a lot of power to hit the ball and you need to be able to run fast but I also remember pictures of a chubby Babe Ruth . . . so you can see my confusion. But yet again another player has been suspended. San Francisco Giants’ outfielder, Melky Cabrera, received a 50 game suspension for having high levels of testosterone. Cabrera is an MVP who leads the league in hits with 159 and is second in batting average at .346. The record for highest batting average held by Ty Cobb is .366. (The batting average is number of hits divided by times the player is at the plate batting). So you can imagine losing him will really hurt the Giants.

In reaction to the suspension Giants general manager Brian Sabean was only slightly surprised shocked. Sabean said, “I was actually in the meeting with Bruce when he talked to the players and I kind of got emotional because I didn’t see something like this coming.” Who did see this coming? None other than steroid developer and pusher Victor Conte. You may remember Conte from his involvement in the Barry Bonds case. Conte served time in prison for his distribution of steroids and money laundering through his company, Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative(BALCO).

When asked about the current drug use in the MLB Conte said, “I would say maybe as much as half of baseball. I’m not going to name names but I’ve talked to a lot of top players in Major League Baseball, and they tell me this is what they’re doing. There is rampant use of synthetic testosterone in Major League Baseball.”

Not only that but Conte went on to claim that it is pretty easy to get away with it despite the more strict drug test that have been implemented by the MLB. Players can get rid of steroids in their system in as little as 8 hours.

So what does the MLB have to say about all of these allegations. MLB vice president Rob Manfred¬†said, “There is no way that Victor Conte would have information that would allow him to have any basis on that.” Good job MLB baseball denial is the best way to deal with this issue. Let’s all just keep pretending that this is not happening and it will just continue go away.

As I have said before I think we should all just get real. There is no way to stop players from using steroids . . .¬† obviously. So instead let’s just make everyone use them. It is the only way to level the playing field. Legalize steroids and pass them out to players. I mean we have no moral problem pumping farms animals full of them so why can’t we just legalize them in purer form? We are all already eating them anyways.








Red Sox Lose Icon: Johnny Pesky dies at 92

14 Aug

Johnny Pesky played with the Boston Red Sox during his ten year baseball career. His baseball career last more than 60 years with the Red Sox where he managed, served, was a broadcaster as well as being a player. He died on Monday at the age of 92. The right field foul pole at Fenway will forever be called the “Pesky Pole” for the time that Pesky hit a home run that went around the pole. Even at the age of 92 he managed to make it out for the 100th birthday of Fenway Park where he was wheeled out to second base. And luckily the last Red Sox game he saw was a winning one.


Luke Bryan apologizes for checking watch at All-Star Game while singing anthem

11 Jul

ha ha ha.

And You Think Nothing Exciting Happens in Baseball

9 Jul

No one at the Texas Rangers/Minnesota Twins game last night was complaining due to a lack of action. The game was boldly interrupted last night by lighting. It was so loud and so powerful that Twins center fielder Denard Span tweeted, “That’s the loudest noise I’ve ever heard. I thought Jesus was comin!”

It is kind of funny to watch all these grown men running from lightning. I can’t blame them but still so funny.


Say What? Roger Clemens is Innocent

18 Jun

Former Yankee pitcher, Roger Clemens, was found not guilty Monday of lying his ass off to Congress perjury and making false statements. If you’ll remember back I posted how the trial had been pretty boring with several jurors being dismissed for napping. It got slightly more interesting when strength trainer coach Brian McNamee saved old steroid injections that he had given to Clemens in a beer can. But McNamee’s character was torn apart by his former wife. Not only that but apparently storing evident in a old beer can in a Fedex envelope doesn’t seem to stand up in court. Again really think this guy should have gone with a plastic baggie. The jury was also convinced by the testimony from catcher Charlie O’Brien who explained how Clemens real edge came from a new pitch he learned, split-fingered fastball.

I think if we can take anything away from this case it’s that the government needs to stop trying to take down baseball players. The war on baseball has cost the US tax payers, between $2-3 million dollars to prosecute Clemens. This is the second time the government has gone after baseball for doping and ended up with nothing to show for it. In 2011 Barry Bonds was the target who was eventually found guilty of obstruction of justice and sentenced to house arrest. Obstruction of justice is a nothing charge compared to perjury.

I think most baseball fans know doping is happening. It wasn’t a juice diet that turned Bonds into the incredible Hulk. And overall I don’t think fans care. Let’s stop wasting money to prove the obvious. Most players are doping. If they really want to even the fields than let’s make sure they are all on the same steroids.


Josh Hamilton Out of Hospital

16 Jun

Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton has been released from the hospital Saturday morning. He was there due to dehydration because of an intestinal virus. Hamilton has been in the hospital since Friday. Apparently the bug was going around his family. He is expected to make it back for the series to start in San Diego on Monday.