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NFL refs approve deal, scramble for Sunday return

29 Sep

I want to know who 5 against votes were . . .


Andy Murray Through to US Open Final

8 Sep

Congrats Murray.

Entertainment and Sport by Mandy Carr

Andy Murray battled the extremely windy conditions on Saturday to earn a place in his second US Open Final.

The wind was so bad that garbage, chairs, water bottles and hats were flying around on court.

“Brutal…. Hard to describe…. You had to focus for every single point…. You had to get yourself in the right position for every shot because the ball was sometimes stopping…moving the other way. The chairs were flying onto the court…. It was hard to serve…. Some of the hardest conditions I’ve ever played in,” Murray said in his post-match interview.

Murray earned the early break against Tomas Berdych in the first set.

In the fourth game of the set, Berdych earned a break point. On the point, Murray’s hat fell off, because of the wind. The point appeared to be going in favor of Murray, but Berdych argued that he got distracted by Murray’s hat.

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